Progressive International Bike Show - Long Beach

  • The Progressive International Motorcycle Show rolled into Long Beach, California for its 3rd stop of a 12 stop 2011/2012 tour, bringing with it all the latest bikes and products in the motorcycle industry.  Giant displays from all of the world’s motorcycle manufacturers filled the Long Beach Convention Center along with booths displaying and selling all the latest motorcycle products, seminars and informational sessions, and of course the custom bikes from builders around the world scattered through the aisles.

    After a couple of really tough years in the motorcycle industry - with sales dropping to almost half of what they were a few years ago - it was great to see all of the motorcycle manufacturers out in full force and the return of a few who were noticeably missing from the major motorcycle shows last year.   From what I could see this was also the biggest crowd at the show in quite a while.  I’m sure the beautiful California weather we had over the weekend helped, because as we pulled into the free motorcycle parking around 11:00 am, the lot was almost full to capacity with 1000’s of bikes.

    One of the great things about the Progressive Int’l Motorcycle Shows is that everyone can enjoy the show - both riders and those who wished they rode - from families bringing the young ones for the thrill of sitting on a motorcycle for the first time, to long distance endurance riders sharing their stories of their ride through Costa Rica, to road worn bikers proudly displaying their clubs colors.   One thing they all had in common was their love for motorcycles.
    As you pass through the manufacturers’ section of the show you can check out all of the new models from BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Victory, Yamaha and more… including a few manufacturers I had never even heard of.   It’s a great chance to get a close look at EVERY type of bike out there, sit on them, play with all of the accessories and even talk to the factory engineers.  I was totally amazed at the features and accessories that are available on the big touring bikes these days - maybe they’re not my style, but for those who are into those bikes there is almost nothing you could think of that you can’t get on one of today’s motorcycles.  Another thing that really impressed me was the production sport bikes available today and their HP to weight ratio.  Being an old racer myself from way back when bikes had 100HP and weighed about the same as the Road King I ride today…  I’m not sure I would even get on one of these machines!   But if its speed you’re looking for, there was plenty to be found.

    Just past the manufacturers displays were the booths where retailers and manufacturers displayed all of the latest motorcycle products and accessories.  Everything from the latest motorcycle tire technology, to all of the latest electronic gizmos and gadgets were on display to try and to buy.  And, of course we stopped by to say hi to the CycleFish Business Members at the show selling their products:  Andrea from Wrapter Hair Wraps; and Tom with Extreme Cycle Radio.  Extreme Cycle Radio will be attending all of the remaining Int’l Motorcycle Shows throughout the U.S., so be sure to stop by and say hi!

    And finally filling out the show were seminars on basic riding, bike maintenance, long-distance touring, appropriate gear and talks from some of the best known riders in the industry — including two of the world’s fastest women, Leslie Porterfield and Melissa Paris.

    Overall this year’s Progressive Motorcycle Show was one of the best in recent years.  If you get the chance to attend one in your area, we highly recommend it.

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