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Domestic Violence-No Justice

  • Justice? I no longer think there is any, and that victims are meant to remain victims. It breaks my heart.

    If a man of some means has been served with a Domestic Violence Order of Protection by the law in order to protect a single mom, evidence including: 3 police reports, lots of text, voice etc. records, eyewitnesses, pictures of property damage and a bit more...He then

    1- continues the hearings for 3 months
    2-argues to attain or keep all weapons
    3-refuses to give up a conceal and carry permit for said guns
    4-fights to continue going to places of social value to the woman
    5-fights to remain in contact with HER social circle
    6-refuses to sign any contract that will AGREE TO JUST STAY AWAY from her and her children
    7-Hires a lawyer (when she can only get free council)
    8-Lawyer bullies and manipulates both victim of domestic violence and free council with unclear explanation of what she agrees to sacrifice regarding her protection from this man and case is dismissed as a consent order of protection. HE THEN REFUSES TO SIGN AND AGREE TO THE CONSENT ORDER TO PROTECT HER that she wbullied into signing by BOTH lawyers.

    There no longer is anyplace safe!

    Doesn't this seem like a very scary and controlling person. Doesn't it seem as if she should be protected from him at all costs?
    The law can't legally keep him away.
    He now not only can carry a gun but hide it from view to take a victim by surprise.
    He now can follow her everywhere and anywhere.
    He now can be on her property-EVEN HER DOORSTEP, and all she can do is let it happen. Until she is afraid, hurt or worse.
    Justice? I no longer think there is any, and that victims are meant to remain victims. It breaks my heart



  • stephaniebritt Have my C&C, a sweet ass gun, and my oldest son and I both know how to use it, just can't. Atleast not legally unless he attacks to kill first or actually breaks into my home with intent to cause severe physical harm. He's also a sneaky bastard and...  more
  • stephaniebritt beautiful advice...