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Motorcycle Traction Control Braking System

  • Product: Motorcycle Traction Control Braking System

    Manufacturer: Traction Control Braking (TCB) ™

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    Cost (MSRP): $79 per Caliper

    Reviewed By: Lucky

    Overall Rating: Good

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    Manufacturers Description:

    The TCB Brake System is an Alternative to Motorcycle ABS as an Aftermarket Motorcycle Brakes Upgrade and just like people looking for an Aftermarket Antilock Brake System for Motorcycles will prefer the TCB over ABS for Motorcycles-just read the below test results.

    • Shorter Stopping Distance and Better Braking Control than Motorcycle Antilock Brakes or Stock Brakes 
    • Unlike Motorcycle ABS that Locks and Releases, the TCB Helps Your Brakes Avoid Locking
    • Acts like a shock absorber to allow the brake pads to float and/or drag over the rotors natural high and low spots (we are not talking about warped rotors ) 
    • Automatically Increases Rider’s Ability to Brake in a Shorter Distance in both regular and panic stops (by as much as 20% in a panic stop at speeds from 35 mph to 55 mph) 
    • Helps modulate your brake system and this Helps to Avoid Premature Brake Lock-Up and improves braking control conditions in most cases 
    • Unlike electronic ABS the TCB System Helps Prevent Lock-Up Before it Happens 
    • Gives you a feeling of more range in your brake levers So You Can Brake Hard with Confidence 
    • Has a maximum effect when installed on BOTH the front and rear brakes by replacing the "Banjo Bolt" 
    • Specifically designed for motorcycles and ATV’s without anti-lock brake systems (ABS) 
    • DOES NOT Allow Air into Your Braking System 


    I tested the TCB system on my 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King which has dual disc front brakes and single disc rear brake.  All the brake pads are fairly new and the discs have about 40,000 miles on them and are in moderate condition.

    The TCB kit came with three units - one for each caliper - and 6 crush washers.  Installation is simple and only requires the existing banjo bolts at each of the caliper brake lines be replaced with the TCB unit and of course bleeding the brake systems after installation.

    Prior to installation I went out to a closed area and did a number of quick stops and panic stops causing skid with both back and front tires.  As expected I got the normal feeling of a very fine line between hard controlled braking and the tires locking up.  I also noticed on very smooth surfaces the tires would skid and release erratically with not all that much pressure on the brake lever/pedal.

    I then installed the TCB units on all three calipers which took about an hour total (I am very meticulous when it comes to bleeding my brakes - or doing anything on my brake system).

    On my initial test ride around the block the first thing I noticed was the brakes were a little softer than normal and seemed to have a little more travel in both the front lever and rear pedal - not to the point I would call mushy or where I felt I would run out of travel in the lever or pedal, but definitely softer more travel.  I called Jim, my contact at TCB, and he informed me that because of the design of the system this was completely normal.

    After a few miles and a number of stops I quickly got used to the new feel and really started to like it.  There was definitely a lot more control over the braking and the line between hard braking and locking up the tire(s) was not as thin anymore.  It is hard to explain exactly but the lever/pedal no longer felt like they had a dead stop... even after applying hard brake the levers still had softness so I could better control adding more pressure.

    I went back out to the closed area I did the quick stop and panic stop testing before installation and tried my best to duplicate them exactly.  Note: I do not claim to be an expert so the tests do not include exact stopping distances since I could not be certain I duplicated everything exactly.  However as a VERY experienced rider I can tell you my feeling was a faster more controlled stop in all situations.  Even in the most severe braking situations I felt much more control of the stop.  When I did lock the tires with the TCB system installed the bike tended to stay in a much straighter line then it did without the TCB system.  Jim explained to me this was because of a more consistent braking due to the TCB system absorbing the slight imperfections in my rotors.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the TCB system and highly recommend it.



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