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The Adventures of Olive Pearl and Hammy Davidson - Review

  • Product: Book - The Adventures of Olive Pearl and Hammy Davidson

    Writer: Michael DeRosa

    Cost: $12.00

    Reviewed By: Laura (HDBeech)

    Overall Rating: Excellent - Lots of Fun

    Where to Buy:

    [Michael DeRosa's CycleFish Profile]


    I read a book once a week.  I don’t use eBooks as I prefer the old fashioned way of holding a book in my hands.  Since books are costly, I go to the library and get them…the old fashioned way!

    I read at night in bed before I go to sleep.  This past week, I had run out of books to read and Lucky, my husband, asked me to read a book written by one of our Cyclefish members and I agreed.  It’s a children’s book called The Adventures of Olive Pearl and Hammy Davidson by Michael DeRosa.

    What I enjoyed most about this book were all the positive messages in the story line for children.  Michael’s main character, Hammy, a stuffed piggy, is a child herself and talks with the two motorcycles, the Man and the Lady ride.  This is a great way to capture the child’s attention.

    Michael writes that there are differences in people, but that we should ignore our differences and instead, looks for things we have in common.  (Teaching acceptance).   He writes of Christmas and presents and includes the birth of Jesus.  There is also a part that speaks of love and how you would protect the person you love with your own life and always try to make them happy.  Michael included that not everyone is perfect and beautiful, but you could still be loved.

    There are learning messages for the children, too.  Michael makes mention of how smoking is bad for you and how some people will throw their cigarettes on the ground.  This could cause a fire and the person is littering.  Several good things for children to learn.

    I enjoyed the motorcycle etiquette descriptions.  The waves between riders, but not cagers; How loud pipes are needed because cars do not watch out for bikers; The staggered formation when riding in a group to be safe; But the best was the Code of the Road:  Helping Others.

    The military and Veterans are mention throughout the book.  Michael writes how we, as Americans, should always be respectful and thankful for our military men and women.

    In conclusion, this book is a great story for your kids or grandkids.  They will want to go on many a road trip on the motorcycle!  With all the positive and learning messages and all the information about bikers, I believe children will enjoy this book and will love Hammy as I do!