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Extreme Lighter Biker Lighter - Product Review

  • Product: Biker Lighter

    Manufacturer: Extreme Lighter, LLC

    Product Website:

    Cost (MSRP): $9.99

    Reviewed By: Lucky

    Overall Rating: Excellent

    Where to Buy: Extreme Lighter Website 

    [Extreme Lighter Profile]       [Extreme Lighter's CycleFish Store]


    Manufacturers Description:

    The Extreme Lighter LLC is a USB rechargeable Biker's lighter, NO gases, NO fluids and has an LED light on top. It's the perfect lighter to use on the motorcycle or anywhere a windproof/water resistant lighter would come in handy.

    The lighter can be charged any USB charger the same as a phone or other portable device.


    The Extreme Lighter comes with everything you need, which is basically the lighter and the charging cord.  You can also add an optional Biker Lighter Leash, which I highly recommend if you plan on using the lighter while riding or doing any other activity where digging in your pocket for the lighter may not be practical.

    The lighter is simple to operate with one hand, even with bulky riding gloves on.  You simply slide the door down to expose the heating element, which heats immediately, and hold it to the end of your cigarette.  Again, I recommend the optional Biker Lighter Leash if you plan to use the lighter while riding so you can just reach down to your belt loop and grab the lighter and then simply lower the lighter when you are done. 

    I tested the lighter a freeway speeds and it worked perfectly.  I also found that you can light the small type cigars - I smoke the Swishers and it works fine with them.

    A charge lasts for well over 200 lights and recharge is simple - just plug the included cord into any USB style charger and the lighter is completely charged in a couple hours.

    I highly recommend the Extreme Lighter Biker Lighter for anyone who smokes.  It is not only useful while riding, you never have to worry about wind again when lighting up anywhere.  And it makes a GREAT Gift Idea!


    Note: the commercial below states $12.00, but right now you can get the Extreme Lighter for Only $9.99