Getting to ride more, finally

  • Finally, the weather in South Arkansas is taking on more of a Spring like nature. I've already had a near miss episode with a buzzard. OK! It was more like a near hit that wouldn't of been pretty. Yesterday I left the house with the temp reading 55 on the bike. I figured it would get up into the 70s like the two previous days. Wrong! 80 miles down the road the temp was still 55. I decided that the extra 70 or so miles to Hot Springs wasn't in the cards for today. After all, the final four was on that afternoon. When I got back to my hometown it was a balmy 59 degrees. A cool ride is better than this year's harsh winter and ice.

    Still, riding season is upon us. It won't be long before we'll be fussing to ourselves at red lights because it's so hot, and we're ready to get moving in the wind ASAP. Any ride plans? I think our crew is planning to attend the bike rally in Sturgis, KY this year. The Bikes, Blues, and BBQ rally in Fayetteville, AR is really getting big with somewhere around 300,000 attending each year. I doesn't look like I'll get to make the MotoGP this weekend at the Circuit of the America's in Austin, TX. That one is on my bucket list though. I'll hush now. Hope to meet some of you on the road, perhaps this Spring or Summer.


  • Bitchy
    Bitchy Well ride safe, and I will take 50's over 90's any day myself… Have little plans this year, going to a crawfish boil this weekend. Hoping to make the centennial races in Dodge City this summer. Have some small 500 mile or so loops doing on my...  more
    April 7, 2014
  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz Glad to see you are getting some saddle time.Riding in the 50's isnt a problem when you get used to it,around the bay area here you hit so many microclimates, temps can fall fast & go from 90' to less then 55' in the space of two miles.
    Hope you get...  more
    April 9, 2014