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Winter break and good time to sneak in a ride

  • It's been unseasonably cold and wet in South Arkansas. Today, a brief warm front with storms coming tonight, allowed me to get the FJR out for a 90 mile spin. The best curvy country road called. I set out to check out the coffee somewhere. After all, life's a journey not a destination (Steven Tyler and Aerosmith). I found Willie's Place, a mom and pop smokehouse restaurant, with great coffee, chow, and good old country hospitality. Stormy weather approaches, but it sure was good to take the cover off of the bike and enjoy a nice ride. 


  • Bitchy
    Bitchy Yea rub it in, lol... I will have to remember Willies place, love small business with big hearts. Hope you get more of those days where you can sneak out for a spin and some wind.
    December 21, 2013
  • Jimmyacorn
    Jimmyacorn Good for you. I love Rte 412 to travel west across Oklahoma into N. Mexico. I've not been to "southern" Arkansas but I imagine it's wonderful. My daughter just moved with her husband and kids to the military base near Johnston (?) I think it is. ...  more
    December 21, 2013