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Where's the scooter tootin weather?

  • It's April the 24th in South Arkansas. I woke up to 40 degree temps. What is this? I've got in a few decent rides in warm weather. Back in the 80's a friend and me used to call our jaunts, "Scooter Tootin!" Our scooters were some of the fastest bikes out there at the time. I know that warmer weather is coming, but I'm ready for warm weather scooter tootin. What's with all of this cold weather in late April?


  • 99Savage
    99Savage Word to the wise, two words actually "Insulated Coveralls"
    April 25, 2013
  • bikersue
    bikersue Hey LC, I am with you on this. Here in KS it has been doing all kinds of crazy weather. the past three weeks start out at 35 or so with the great ks wind too. ... the other day it was great in the morning you know like around 50 - by noon it was...  more
    April 26, 2013