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Visiting the new road wares for 2013

  • Today my work had me on the road to Little Rock, Arkansas. While there I stopped in the Kawasaki/KTM dealer. The showroom is full of bright, shiney, and new bikes. I saw Connie (Kawasaki Concours) eyeing me, and I gave her a big smile in return. The owner of that dealership is a great and friendly guy. Just down the road I stopped in the Honda/Yamaha dealership. They salesman said he'd have to order a new 2013 Yamaha FJR 1300 if I wanted to buy one. The classy lady Gold Wings whispered, "Hey, you know we'd be comfortable together." I whispered back, "You know it'd be nice sweetheart."

    Around the corner I stopped in the Suzuki dealership. The salesmen there are ladies. The GSXRs peeled their ears back and looked like they were ready for a fight. I heard them say in unison, "I smell other bikes on you. Where have you been, and who were you with?" I replied, "No one, just meandoring through a crowd." The Bandit 1250 has always caught my eye. She let me on board and winked at me with a sly, "Take me home!" "I can't just now. You know I've got to sell the house in the town we moved from first." She replied, "You are just a tease!" I did sit on a GSXR 750. Her reply was, "You know I'm fast and easy. Wanna have some fun?" I think I'm to old for her now.

    A little piece down the road I entered the Harley Davidson Dealership. I liked the looks of the red Switchback, but then I eyed a gorgious 110th Anniversary Raod King. She said to me, "How come (She's a southern belle ya know) you show up here after going to see all those other bikes first?" I told her, "You know you are the most special of them all."

    Such is the day when a biker gets out of a small town with no bike dealers. If only someone would buy that house in our former town...sigh!


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  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz LMAO good post we all have our demons to struggle with,and having champagne taste on a beer budget certainly makes for a interesting shopping experience.

    If I had my dream bike prolly one of those new Victory one offs Arlen Ness specializes in.sweeet or...  more
    March 26, 2013