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First real ride of the year

  • Finally, the temps on a weekend warmed up, and the rain held off. Plus, there was an event almost 80 miles away. The wife and I took the bike to our hometown's Daffodil Festival. This is the town's big extravaganza of the year. Small towns in these parts do this annually. Saw the group I rode with before moving to my current location, and some people I grew up with.

    There is nothing like the first ride of the year. This is the first weekend in South Arkansas this year that encouraged a good ride, and it coincided with the first gathering of the year. Bikes came from a 90 mile radius. Yes! My friends, it's that time of year. Finally!

    Oh! I'd had the occasional spin around the block, and close vicinity jaunt during the winter. However, there is just something special about the first real ride of the year. You know the feeling!


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  • LCStrat
    LCStrat Last weekend a few of us got to ride over for the Farmerville, LA car and bike show at the Lake Darbonne State Park. Probably 100 bikes made it over, and there were at least 200-300 neat old cars on display. It was only a 120 mile round trip mini event...  more
    March 18, 2013