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Last long ride of the year?

  • A week ago our crew took a 300+ mile round trip ride. The jaunt started out with cold weather gear on, and we swapped to regular gear on up in the afternoon. Last week I had to make a 50 mile ride to visit a man with heart problems (I'm a pastor and he was ready to receive Jesus as His Savior), then jump on the Yamaha FZ and head 80 or so miles to the next hospital visit, then the 50+ mile jaunt back home. I wondered if I looked like that Mobile One commercial, except I'm a guy, where that girl jumps on her sport bike and zooms off down the road. Something told me that may be the last good most of the day ride for a bit.

    Currently, the weather is in the low 40's in the mornings. Deer season is upon us. I keep up the family deer camp so it's not an option. I'll still get on the bike when I can this fall and winter to keep everything running. I'll change the oil, and perform other maintenance requirements to be ready for Spring. My two monthly motorcycle mags, and this site will become more necessary now that I won't be riding as much for a while. Come next Spring the fire will be burning to hit the open road again.

    I hope that by Spring we'll have sold the house in the town we relocated from and I'll be able to get that "Oh it's so needed and wanted" sport/touring rig. What do you guys do during the off season? Me? I'll ride my loved bike when I can, but really get some serious time in the saddle come Spring. For now the neglected guitar will get some more attention, and I'll be hanging out more in tree stands with a high powered rifle until I get a nice buck or two. I reckon my time in here will pick up. Y'all have any interesting off season plans?


  • Jimmyacorn
    Jimmyacorn Off season I'm hanging out at the cabin when I can,out door target pistol shooting,splittin' firewood for the house. Ride when I can which isn't often here in w central Ohio. But I'm doin' a lot of wood so I kind of stay in shape for being 64 years...  more
    October 29, 2012
  • Bitchy
    Bitchy I got moved to Phoenix for a few months so my off season will not start for awhile. I do a lot of research when I have down time. My latest is on tearing apart my engine and giving her some more horse power and a few other mods I want and want... ; D ...  more
    October 29, 2012
  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz Hope ya get at least a few more good days riding in,I would sit n cry if I put my bike up for 3-4 months for the winter.Prolly why I will end up moving further south some day just to git more riding time in ; )

    Our lows are in the high 40's low 50's...  more
    October 30, 2012
    WYOMAX LC, good for you finding time to tend to others (and getting a ride in, when possible).
    Here in the Rockies, the winter means modifications, getting ready for spring, finding the occassional break in winter to sneak in a ride.
    For example, the first snows...  more
    October 31, 2012