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Bikes, Blues, and BBQ 2012

  • I enjoyed the time with friends riding to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ in Fayetteville, AR. Because I rode with 4 Goldwings, my FZ6 wound up logging over 350 miles up there on the interstate. We enjoyed lodging in rooms next to one another at $20 bucks a night, and the rally itself. Our crew, Faith Riders, hosted a free motorcycle wash. While there a couple from Kansas wanted me to share how they can be sure of heaven when they die, and both came to faith in Christ. No! I didn't force anything on anyone, and it's always a way cool experience praying with someone as they place their faith in Jesus Christ.

    On the way back, yep, we were running the interstate again. I couldn't help it. . . we passed a sign that read, "Hwy scenic 7 next exit." So, I did the only thing a guy on a Yamaha FZ could under such circumstances. I waved the others on and I peeled off for some mountain scenery and curvy roads. You know, the stuff bikes are made for. I relished in gorgeous scenery, sharp sharp curves and esses that read 25mph while on the downhill side of a mountainside steep angle. Along the way I saw a tarantula crossing the mountain scenic route. It had to be a tarantula, because I can't imagine any other spider being that big ( 4-5 inches in diameter, and at least 2 inches high) and black being from another species. I'd heard those things can jump several feet so I steered clear of it. I didn't want to feel something crawling on my neck while in a tight curvy stretch. In all, I had a blast.

    What is your opinion? Should I have remained with the pack droning on at 85 in a 70mph zone while encountering police cars with radar? I don't mind the speed, but the possible ticket, and being on a sport oriented standard type bike, well, let's just say freeways get boring after a while. The guys are friends, but it's just a sin to drone on freeways up and back when you are in some of the most beautiful mountain roads you will encounter anywhere. Isn't it? lol

    I wonder if I met any of you while up there while I didn't realize it?


  • Jimmyacorn
    Jimmyacorn Personally I think you did what any self-respecting motorcycle enthusist should do when time isn't a concern. You didn't abandon your friends and I'm sure they would agree. And if they don't, change your riding partners and find a group that's not...  more
    October 2, 2012
  • Seawolf
    Seawolf I would have taken the same action as you. I shun interstate highways unless it is the only path I can take to get to my intended destination.
    October 2, 2012
  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz Sounds like a good plan to me also, I would have done the same ! Freeway riding usually suks,unless your out riding on a quiet Sunday morning.

    We have tarantulas out here,and sounds like thats what you saw.They are really docile creatures & have played...  more
    October 7, 2012
    WYOMAX Good decision.....the Ozarks have some of the BEST riding roads in the country. I experienced the "mini-Dragon" there at a ralley in 2011 and road the Dragon Tail (Deal's Gap, TN) later the same year. Both are great rides, one just gets more attention...  more
    October 31, 2012