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When All Else Fails, Feel the Wind on Your Face!

  • Twenty three years of marriage, riding on the back of the bike, feeling the wind in my hair and on my face-gone. How I missed my life. So, for 6 years, all I did was try to find myself. I had no interests, the friends were not the same. Sad how the friends have to spllit when a marriage comes to an end. Crazy thing is I still today have no idea what happened. I know what was said, but really still don't know why. 

    Sure, I have friends, but I just didn't fit in anymore. My life had completely truned upside down. I had ridden on the back of that bike for over half of my life, well not just that one but with him. Life as I knew it just wasn't the same. Seemed no matter what I did, what I tried, nothing seemed to work. Something was missing, and it wasn't just my ex-husband. I only knew that something was missing in my life, just couldn't quite put my finger on it. 

    Previously, I had my professional life and I had my biker lifestyle. When the weekend came, I would put my jeans and boots on, go on a Poker Run, a Benefit Ride or a Week Long Rally. What a relaxing vacation from suits and heels. Just let my hair down and do as I pleased, we would leave on Friday for a Rally, or Saturday for a Ride or just get on the bike and take a ride, grab a bite to eat, go by the Club House or Home. It was just fulfilling. Just the 2 of us, in a crowd of 6 to 20 bikes riding along, me on the back not really thinking of anything in particular, just enjoying myself. I guess it was a simple life, but it sure was a good way to chill out after a week of Corporate Bull.

    After a great deal of thought,  I called the local Harley shop, ordered the new 2012 SL883. I was so excited when the dealer called and told me it was in. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas, it actually was a warm day for December. Of course, I didn't have enough experience to ride it home so my best friend rode with me and he rode that magnificient piece of chrome and steel to my garage. What a feeling of pride, I am now in control. 

    Harley must have had me in mind when they made that bike, it is just my size. Now, I get on it and just ride. Again I feel the tingle of the wind on my face and arms. Its not too cold, its not too hot, everyday is perfect for riding. I can't wait to get on and feel like I am again whole. There is nothing better than being in control of my life, to feel as if I am one with my Harley as I take the curves and the roar of this wonderful, lost friend is with me. No one can take this from me, because it is mine! 

    Ride Safe and Enjoy!


  • HDMotoOui
    HDMotoOui Thank you, I have been having lots of fun and looking forward to much more. Took awhile , but its never too late.
    August 17, 2012
  • LCStrat
    LCStrat Glad you are enjoying the ride :-)
    August 17, 2012
  • NeeCee
    NeeCee's never too late! I started riding mine at 50.. I'm getting more experience and more confidence!! Rock on!!! Enjoy and ride safe!!
    August 23, 2012
  • rugedndvidualst
    rugedndvidualst Three words: Good. For. YOU!

    Know exactly how you feel. Didn't ride for 25 years. Bought a 2001800CC Kawasaki Vulcan Classsic in April of '07. Had logged 11000 miles by July. 'Road Zen'....Nuthin' like it.

    Ride Safe.
    September 29, 2012