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Dreams, Doc's story

  • My first short story... Enjoy!


     Monday evening I met a girl at the beach, I could not go past without at least saying hello. I got a very weak hello in return, but she answered. I walked alone down the beach for a mile before I turned going back. I was preoccupied with thoughts of her. The mystery that surrounded her very existence. Intrigued even more to see her sitting in the same spot. I did say only hello and sat 10 feet away from this woman. I did not want to scare her away or have her feel threatend by my presence. I introduced my self as Doc and asked if it was ok for me to sit on the beach near her, there was no answer..So I simply sat gazing off to the sky seeing the stars glimmer so brightly, it made me wonder did her eyes shine bright as the stars?..

    Sitting cross legged in the sand, she was wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a man's t-shirt, topping off her small frame was the largest floppy hat I had ever seen. This hat was so big it covered over half of her body. Looking back to the stars, not more than 15 minutes passed I was startled to hear her speak, she asked if I knew what I was looking at, I turned my head to look at her but she still had not moved and her hat still concealing her face. and masking her identity.  I answered No, I had not much knowledge and would always be willing to learn some thing new. Moving only her arm, she pointed up and said we had to start with the North Star. Just a beautiful voice coming from under the big hat, I could tell this was not just a simple girl. there was a certain mystery to her voice. It was as if the sky had opened up, pouring out this soft very well educated yet simple voice. Yet, something very different. Her choice of words were so very strong and well centered. I listened to her voice, soon it was like she was singing to me as the words flowed out.  Meanwhile it was getting late, the fog was starting to roll in and it was quickly getting very cold.  I thought to myself again, who is this woman?  As I started to get up, I stopped midway attempting to see a glimpse of her face something to uncover the mystery that lay beneath her hat, could it be possible I might know her from town or maybe somewhere else?  Who was this woman with a voice that filled the air with a musical sound, that spoke to my heart as if she knew who i was?

     I was frustrated the mystery remained, her big floppy hat still obscuring my view to reveal who she was. A horn sounded from a late model car. She stood up and was ready to run, I asked for her name, and if I would see her again? Her voice rang out with her response, "be back tomorrow same time, same place". I watched as she disappeared quickly in the dark as the car vanished in the fog. I left for home, disappointed and somewhat disturbed that this woman had such a hold on my attention. What was the purpose, where did she come from, and most importannt who was she? Those thoughts continued to swim in my head as I tried to sleep.


    Morning came and I did my best to accomplish my regular routine, but I was still haunted by the questions. I had dreams in the night about the eyes of a woman, peering at me from the darkness. Like the stars in the moonlit sky, shining clear as crystal. Her face covered as if she wore a veil. Time passed quickly as if it knew what was to come, I was ready, trying to rehearse what I would say to her. I stopped at the market for a bottle of wine, and I was on my way, carrying a basket of fresh fruit a blanket and 2 glasses, I hurried to our place on the beach. As I came closer my eyes straining in the sunlight to catch a glimpse of her, hoping I wasn't late. But noone was there.

    I decided to take advantage of the time, laid out the blanket and set the basket out revealing its contents just so.

    Everything was set, and as time passed, I looked for her from the direction she had left the night before. Suddenly I heard that voice, so familiar yet so foreign. "hello, sorry Im late". She came from behind me and sat in the sand just as she had the day before. Her big floppy hat, making it impossible to see her face. She was wearing a simple blue sundress that hung around her legs. I looked at her with hope she would return my glance. She just looked out to the ocean. I noticed her hands, one laying across her lap the other just behind her in the sand supporting herself.

    Her hands looked young, soft and gentle, as if their touch would bring peace on contact. I asked her pointed questions, ones that would settle everything for me, "who are you, what is your name and mostly why cant I see your face?" She remained silent, looking out to the waves crashing on the shore.


        The sunset is beautiful this time of year, I said as I fumbled to open the wine. She sat silently watching the waves as they crashed onto the shore. I poured a glass of wine and offered it to her hoping she would look in my direction. Because of the hat she couldnt see me handing her the glass, so I spoke just one word, "wine?"... It happened  quickly, and I was struck. She turned to look in the direction of the glass, and as she did she reached for the wine. It was then that her eyes met mine, As I drank in her every feature I was captivated mostly by her eyes, they were the ones I had seen so many times in my dreams. Her hair was cascading down off her shoulders, the sun making it glisten like golden threads. I was reminded of the dreams I had of her, she was beautiful yet something so mysterious. I was caught in a reminder of the dream for a moment, remembering how she touched my face. And her kiss so soft and tender.  I must have had a shocked look on my face, she asked if I was ok.... I snapped back to reality, somewhat embarrassed. " I'd like to introduce myself", I said as her hand touched mine taking the glass, "my name is Doc, and you are...." "Aislin" is all she said. I poured a glass of wine for myself and raised it to meet hers, "salute' Aislin, it is a pleasure to meet you" we sipped our wine and looked off to the waves once again, my mind was back to the dreams of her tending to the roses in the garden.  Her skin looks as soft as the rose petals, I had such a desire to just caress her face. Such beauty captivates me. I must have spoken the words I was thinking. Aislin asked, "the ocean and sunset?" Once again I was caught in that dream state, and brought back to reality by her voice. Ahem, (clearing my throat) no! your beauty, the sunset and ocean as beautiful as it is, cannot compare to your beauty. You see Aislin, I have dreamt of this day many times. And in those dreams, you were the center. The object of my persuit. You have captivated me before I even met you. The fire and passion of everything love was meant to be I have felt in my dreams. I met you yesterday yet I feel as though Ive known you a lifetime.

    She fell silent again. Was she thinking, or did she already know. Could it be her dreams were much the same as mine?  "I thought I knew you also, that is why I asked you to come back today. My apologies for being so evasive, there is good reason for this." I wanted to ask, but I chose to remain quiet and allow her to explain.


        She spoke with a soft voice, indicating hesitation.  Many times we are quick to trust people, and we find out after its too late that our instincts have ways of fooling us.  I come from a large family, and I am the youngest of my siblings. I have been protected and spoiled to such a degree that I felt like I needed to be freed from a cage. It is not a bad thing to have protection. I felt as though my choices were always made for me. When I had the opportunity to make my own choices, I made the wrong ones. I was listening to that voice inside that had no logic. Somewhat wild in the freedom I was given. I fell in love with the wrong person and it took my family to help me get away. Ever since that time I have questioned my ability to make the right choices. I have dreams, and want to live those dreams.  

    She was quiet for a time and it left me thinking that I would try to reassure her that I could be trusted. Something inside me said "be still". We sat together in silence, looking out to the sunset for what seemed like an eternity, yet just a few minutes passed. I was content to just listen. "Do you have the same dreams in the night time?" she asked with a voice of curiosity. I tried to speak with such control, not wanting to dominate the conversation, but to allow her to know she was the woman in my dreams again. I told her that the only thing that was different were the surroundings, and that it is my desire to travel, to spend time wandering and exploring the world with the woman of my dreams, which could explain why there were so many different scenarios, only the people were consistant. "What makes you think I am the one in your dreams?" she asked. Your hair and eyes are unmistakable. The way you carry yourself, your physique, everything about you is what Ive invisioned for what seems an eternity.

    What do you dream about? I asked. She spoke in such a melancholy voice, I was once again captivated by it. " I wrote it down as a poem, I'll tell you as best as I can remember."



    As I stand in the clearing the snow glistening. Almost blinded by its beauty. I am taken into a process of thought that blinds me to the things I should see. I have seen my thoughts and the many things in life, but none to compare to what I beheld last night.


    Every dream tells a story, As many times before, Ive dreamt this dream, even as a little girl. As I grow older The visuals become more real.




    It is warm, the sun shining, as I sit alone at the edge of the shore, my eyes taking in the fierceness of every crashing wave. Swaying as I hear the music that plays in my head. I see in the distance a family happily playing in the sand, allowing the cares of the day be only enjoyment and delight. I am drawn to the view with amusement of a time long ago, when i was a child, playing much in the same way. Building the fortress and the castle, with a moat of course. The damsel was in distress, waiting for her prince and his horse, "what could be taking so long" was the whisper from my voice. All the sudden in my dream state, back to the beach, I am startled by a hand touching my face.

    I look to see, a man, rugged, yet tender in his touch, his eyes shown bright,but his face obscured. Was it my prince, who heard my call? Could it be him searching for me? I couldn't tell,  his face was hidden like a veil

    I looked deeply into his eyes, and for an eternity so it seemed his look gazed into mine. Telling me his deepest secrets and heartfelt desires, without speaking a word as if they were thoughts of my own.. It was in that moment, that eternity where he held me close, we danced without movement, never missing a step. We swayed in the waves ebbing with the tide, His arms holding me safely by his side. A dance we've known forever, from the beginnig of time. I longed for this day, his lips met mine, ever so tender and oh so fine.

     I knew this time would come long before, when as a child I sat on the shore. I dreamt it a million times, until dreams were no more. Is this a dream or is it truth, Reality screams "its just a dream, you must let it loose!"Someday my prince, when your eyes meet mine, Ill know it will be reality till the end of time.

    So you see Doc, I have been dreaming for many years, of the day I will meet that one special person. I see in your eyes the depth and wisdom and passion as well. 

    Love takes time to nurture and to unfold its pages. I must be going, my transportation has arrived. She reached up to caress my face and continued singing in her prose. Someday my prince, you will know the love in the depths of our dreams. Until then continue to dream. Ill meet you there on the side of the sea! 

    As she walked away, holding that big floppy hat in her hand placing it back on her head, she turned to look one last time. Our eyes met and held the sight. It will forever be burned in my memory until the end when she is mine. 


     To be continued............ 


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    January 30, 2012
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    afeistyredhead Thanks for the encouragement, its in the works!
    January 30, 2012
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    Bleaus well done! I like this
    February 1, 2012
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    afeistyredhead Bear! Thats hilarious!! You'll have to work on that romantic nature a bit! Lmao!
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