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Wandering/wondering is there a difference?

  • So I've been thinking, (I know dangerous) and I came to the conclusion that, our mind is like a hallway with many doors. I said that to someone the other day and she said "yeah, with women all the freakin doors are open". I told her that's because of the multi tasking abilities we are blessed with!

     So the thought came to me, the older we get the more difficult it is to travel down that hallway. Imagine if you will, a man in his 90's, having a walker to take a stroll.... (the kind of walker with the tennis balls on the bottom that makes it easier to slide on the floor) As he heads down "memory lane", he looses a tennis ball. and suddenly finds himself with his walker pivoting towards the wall.....he is stuck, perpetually walking into the wall... 

    Then i got distracted by a shiney object and went to the next door to try to close it,  afterall i was out shopping!!



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  • RevSnoopy
    RevSnoopy And then there's that room that we stuff the things we don't want to deal with or anyone else to know about - that secret room, where we even tell God to stay out of. We try to forget it's there, but it never goes away until we clean it out.
    January 30, 2012