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We, as we are...

  •  A compilation of mine and my daughter's hearts being fused. Enjoy (:


    The silence is deafening, I hear it calling my name,

    through laughter and tears, I dont feel the same.

    I hear the cries of the children left at the door

    They all have needs, some have even more

    The parents as hard as they try,

    are gone now and can't hear them cry.


    Society looks on as if they're not there,

    properly saying I dont care.

    They are insignificant, useless to me,

    but they have purpose, cant you see,

    They were born just like me and you.

    if you'd open your eyes and get a clue,

    not everyone is handed riches and fame,

    at birth we all look somewhat the same.


    What will we do with the outcasts,

    Leave them to die, no! they'll never last.

    I'll stand for them, my heart says its good

    they will work hard, if only you understood

    i see their potential, they mean us no harm

    so please let them in so that they don't starve.


    We won't be here long, so teach if you can,

    Our days are numbered like the small grains of sand.

    Hold on to hope, for we never know,

    When our cistern will break, and away we will go.

    So why fill yourself with pride, that does no good,

    it's like filling with cement, a boat that's made of wood.


    Try if you might, float if you're able,

    The seas grow restless, not strong like a table.

    They will stop at nothing to see your life end,

    It's the cherry on top of the sundae for them

    Who you might ask? ill surely tell you,

    But get ready, the truth might scare you.


    Those that seek to end a life

    are those that have lived a life full of strife.

    They know nothing of good things, only the evil,

    they can only be found with the Light that reveals

    for when the Light enters the room, all darlkness must flee

    and there is where we all will find safety.


    So back to the topic of segregation

    let's not play favotires, we'll let them all in

    for as we come in, a bath we will receive

    and no one will know the difference between you and me

    all clothed in white, lets move on to meet our King

    where he has been waiting for us to live out our dreams.



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