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Indian Motorcycles on Good Morning America

  • Indian Motorcycles’ resurrection will get national TV exposure with an appearance on Good Morning America.

    altKings Mountain, NC— On Monday, Nov. 9, 2009, ABC News will film a feature on Indian Motorcycle Company, highlighting the revival of this historic brand amid America’s struggling automotive and motorcycle manufacturing industry.

    Good Morning America’s Bill Weir will ride a 2010 Indian Chief as he joins Indian Motorcycle on a trip through the North Carolina mountains to Deal’s Gap, the famed “Tail of the Dragon” hailed by many as the best motorcycling road in the USA. Motorcycle historian Dale Walksler will ride a vintage 1944 Indian Chief and provide expert commentary on American motorcycling history.

    Good Morning America is ABC’s morning news and talk show produced live from Time Square in New York City.  On the air since 1975, the Good Morning America is among the top viewed shows in morning television, and has won several Emmy awards.

    Good Morning America’s weekend anchor, Bill Weir is an Emmy-winning reporter who travels the world to uncover breaking news and global trends.  He was among the first reporters on the scene during Hurricane Katrina, and was the lead reporter in ABC's coverage of the war in Iraq. Weir's domestic reporting tends to focus on innovative ways to solve many of America's biggest problems.

    As America's first motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycle began producing motorcycles in 1901, and paved the way early on for many other American motorcycle manufacturers to flourish during the earliest part of the 20th century.  Once our country's largest motorcycle producer, the Indian Motorcycle Company became defunct shortly after World War II.  The iconic brand resumed production in 2008 and has since released seven models including the 2010 Chief Dark Horse and 2010 Limited Edition Chief Bomber.

    (From a press release issued by Indian Motorcycle...)


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    Maggie Valley – On Monday, the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley will participate in a special broadcast with Good Morning America, as the show's co-host Bill Weir travels to Western North Carolina to ride the famed "Tail of the Dragon" aboard the new incarnation of the Indian Motorcycle.

    Weir's segment for good morning America will showcase the reincarnation of the new Indian Motorcycle Company. Wheels Through Time will be participating in the broadcast in various capacities. Museum curator, Dale Walksler, will be on hand to provide expert commentary on American motorcycle history related to the Indian company, highlighting both the birth of the company, as well as Indian's demise in the late 40s and early 50s. Walksler will also be aboard a genuine 1944 Indian Chief motorcycle, to ride the famed "Tail of the Dragon," a stretch of U.S. highway 129 with 318 curves in 11 miles, with Weir. Along with the test ride of the new Indian motorcycle, Weir will also highlight the significance of the "Tail of the Dragon" to state tourism and local economies.

    The new Indian Motorcycle Company, located in Kings Mountain, N.C. is the brainchild of the company's chairman Stephen Julius. After buying the company in 2004, Julius unleashed his plans to bring a high-quality, engineered Indian motorcycle back to the market. The company has poured millions into research and development of these new machines, and promises to provide the American public with a motorcycle that fits their needs.

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