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  • TOPIC statement:  I keep finding great patches, each giving a little insight as to who I am.  But like tattoos, you only have so much canvas.   So... how many patches is enough?  

    If anyone noticed, the top patch in my profile picture is a Christian patch.  The lower patch is about preserving the 2nd Amendment.  Most of the patches on my vest are Christian related (earned through Christ's death on the cross) or politically motivated to promote America's freedom and our ability to put it in the wind whenever we want!  The 2nd Amendment patch shows my strong conservative viewpoint regarding our rights to own and carry firearms as a means of self-preservation and the protection of lives and property of family, friends, and others who have no means of defending themselves.  When I "find" a great patch, I'm referring to the signifigance of the patch, not how cool it is.  I'm a bit too old and weathered to worry about cool..

    Here is my take on patches:
    1)  I stopped wearing rally/event/ride patches right after the Sturgis 50th anniversary.  I realized then that I was never going to have room on a vest for all those patches or pins.

    2)  I have never been in a club; therefore, no club patches (Christian or otherwise).

    3)  I was never in the military; therefore, no military patches (I do wear a POW/MIA hat).  While I could not enlist into the military because I broke my neck in 1977, I still support our military, our troops, and their families although I do not support our current administration. 

     4) I have no "RIP" or "In Memory Of" patches because I have not lost a brother or sister to the road or a to some fool in a cage texting (or whatever).  There have been accidents but no fatalities.

    5) BS patches are just patches.  Who cares if you wear them... just be prepared to back them up if you anger the wrong person.  Remember, there's ALWAYS someone “bigger and badder” than you and there's ALWAYS someone that’s not going to like something you've patched. Eventually, both of those 'someones' are going to be the same person.  Be prepared to back your play.

    6) Being a biker is about freedom and attitude. Neither the patch nor your ride makes you a "wannabe" anymore than the patch or your ride makes you a "biker."
    We're all brothers and sisters of the road.  If we're not helping each other, who's going to help us?  Sorry about the editorial...
    Anyway... Now you know where I stand and what my thoughts are, here is the opening statement again:

     I keep finding great patches, each giving a little insight as to who I am.  But like tattoos, you only have so much canvas.   So... how many patches is enough?  

    I'll go first.  I don't have any idea how many is too many.  My favorite patch is the "Jesus" patch you can see on my profile pic.  My second favorite is "Freedom isn't free."  Too few people even understand the concept let alone agree with this sentiment!


  • Seakers I can understand what you mean, I have been collecting patches (military and H-D) since aslong as I can remember. But I only have a few things I can put on my Jacket because has a big embrodery on it from the local Leather Shop. Along with my Service...  more
  • Mongo49265 Grace and peace to you brother, I see some vests out there that look like the patches were sewn together to make the vest. I pray that our paths will cross some day.