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When I Ride... a poem

  •  When I Ride

    By Jake Walker



    Steel and leather wrap me.

    Black and Chrome, they greet me.

    The tang of fuel and the hint of oil

    Remind me of my recent toil.


    My mind recites the Starting Ritual.

    A mantra for a motor, by now habitual.

    Flip the gas and retard the spark,

    Kick her through and hear her bark.


               The motor fires, I stroke my Beast awake.

    I drop into the saddle and make the windows shake.

    Push her into first and left boot lets up on the clutch,

      To head us out and catch the breeze but it won’t be enough.


    We’ll have to jam through traffic, pipes wakeup the Straights.

    Cops are always a gamble but we’ll leave them to the Fates.

    As my front tire leads me, the highway calls my name.

    It whispers “Flight and Freedom” and I am pulled toward its flame.


    The sweeping onramp shoves me deep in my seat.

    I bang the shifter into third, a glance to the left and my merge is complete.

    As I settle down in the saddle, a grin comes to my face,

    A quick twist of the wick and I’m now in my place.


    The “Left Lane Loony” overcomes me. A quick twist, I roar past them all.

    They all look amazed at me and machine as I roar past the wall.

    The wall of cars fades and all I can see is the road in front

    And how she calls to me on this day, another treasure hunt.


    The treasure she offers is how I feel when I ride.

    Another day riding is what I do. When Life has whipped my hide,

    I chuck it all and go for a ride! Direction or destination is far from my mind,

    When I get on the bike and take a good ride.


    The open road calls me and its Siren call I heed

    For the way to MY heart is on the road, at speed!

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no idiot or a stranger

    To how the Road treats a Fool who put others lives in danger.


    When I ride my bike, it calms my mind and makes my heart sing.

    Problems that I, and all have had, fall away when I hear the pipes ring.  

    So I ride, as often as I can, to let my heart relax and clear my mind.

    If you will give it a chance, I know that you will also Freedom find.


    Jake Edge Walker