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Nice Sat. ride

  • Me and the wife took off from Maynardville Tn tooks some nice backroads over to Rt11 up past Rutledge to 375
    Then ran that down to Cherokee dam (375 if fun as hell, nice sweeps, just enjoyable ride) after the visit to the dam we headed down to Chandlers deli for the bbq, but just didnt like the area too much and didnt even smell bbq outside so went back up the road to a little place we passed (riding by you can smell the bbq at 55mph!) pulled in, parked and went inside. Very friendly people and great prices. We both had the special,,, 1 very large pulled pork sandwich, two sides, drink and 2 large very meaty ribs for only $9.99! we were both stuffed for 10bucks apiece! and it was damn good!!!
    Its called Southern Comfort 7121 ashville hwy, Knoxville
    Some of the best bbq I have had in awile for a great price.
    We then stopped right up the road at a place called Its all about fudge, let me tell you they had 49 flavors of wonderful fudge for the sampling, we ended up buying about 25 bucks worth of fudge.
    From there we headed up Rt11 to House state park, checked out the trails, tooks some pics then took some nice small curvey backroads back home to Maynardville,
    Great weather today and a great ride!


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  • hillbillybiker1
    hillbillybiker1 Sounds like a great ride. I too enjoy stopping in and eating at places I have never been too although sometimes not always so good. And I like just going just to see what I can see. Life is better on 2 wheels. Thanks for the tip on the route and the...  more
    September 11, 2009