CycleFish Newsletter - September 2010

  • Wow, I can't believe that summer is winding down seems like it just got here.  But luckily for most there is still plenty of riding season, and still lots more events coming up.   This year we had more events than ever listed in our Event Calendar, and we still have over 600 events listed for this year, so check the calendar often, and we're sure you'll find something to do.

    August was another record month here on CycleFish.  I know you hear me say that almost every month, and that is simply because each month the users and activity just continues to grow.  Not only was it a great month for activity here on the site, but off the site as well.  If you are keeping up with the comments, forums, and photos, you probably saw that more and more our CycleFish members are getting together and making new friends.  And to top it all off, we had a great time with a bunch of CycleFish people at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis. (more on that below)


    CycleFish Bike of the Month Winners

    We would like to Congratulate our two September Bike of the Month Winners.  For the Stock Class we have buck58 and his 2001 Heritage Softail; and for the Custom Class we have MigMike60 and his 1958 Panhead Custom.



    CycleFish In Sturgis

    Laura and I set out on Tuesday for Sturgis, and with the exception of a couple of our friends that we knew would be there, we weren't sure how many CycleFish people were going to show up, and how much fun we would have.  We met up with Richard (harleyman) in Barstow, CA and headed north with no real route, just a basic direction.  DebraJo couldn't get the time off work so Richard will pick her up at the airport in SD on Saturday.  We spent three days changing direction to avoid storms, and finally on Friday morning we pulled into Sturgis.  When we arrived at the Buffalo Chip the people there were just wonderful.  Stephanie (the Chip's Marketing person) came and met us at the gate and directed us to the spot they had sectioned off for the CycleFish Camp.

    By early afternoon we had the camp set up, the CycleFish banners flying, and a cold beer in our hands.  Now all we had to do was wait for the rest of the CF people to show up throughout the weekend.  We didn't have to wait long...By Saturday morning they all started rolling in and the party was about to start!  We also had the pleasure of having the guys from the Big Dog forum join us at our camp.  Raywood, a long time CF member is also a member of the Big Dog forum website, and asked if we minded if the Big Dog guys camped with us...and we're glad he did.  They are a great group of riders and many are now members here in CycleFish.  I am not going to try to list all the CycleFish members who camped with us, but by the end of the weekend there were bunch of people in the camp, and other CycleFish people stopping by to say hi.  We did all the normal rally stuff; concerts, vendors, rides, etc...but the most fun we had was just sitting around the camp getting to know each other.   You can see more pictures of the CycleFish group in Sturgis here in my photo album.  There are also lots of pictures posted by others that attended, so be sure to browse through the Photo Section for those.


    Upcoming CycleFish Meet & Greets

    Southeastern Fall Gathering - Maggie Valley, NC - September 24-26 - A gathering put on by CycleFish members for CycleFish members.  Come out and meet a bunch of great CycleFish people in beautiful Maggie Valley, NC.  We will be incorporating a Helping the Homeless Drive on this event.  Click here for the complete details on the location, accommodations, and the Homeless Drive.


    We would like to see more CycleFish Meet & Greets around the country.  They can be organized events, like the ones listed above, or just a simple ride or get together at the local watering hole.  If you would like to plan one in your area, just go to the Meet & Greet Forum and get the ball rolling.


    Preferred CycleFish Businesses...

    Please remember these businesses along with the ones you see ads for in the right column are who support the CycleFish site.  Please take the time to visit their profiles and their businesses to show your appreciation for their support.

    We also have some great products from a number of our business members in our CycleFish Mall.  Be sure to visit regularly to see what's been added. Here are just a few sample of some of the items our vendors are selling in the mall...

    Harley-Davidson Replica ModelsWomen's Leather Vest from Save Your SkullLED Lighting from LED Doctor



    We Need Your Help

    As you know Laura and I are working hard to make CycleFish the best biker/motorcycling website on the internet.  But to be totally honest, the advertising dollars are not coming in as fast as we had hoped for, and our resources are getting very low.  We started the site with the intention of always keeping it 100% free for users, and that will never change.  So how can you help as a personal user of the site?  First and foremost everyone can help by continuing to grow the site by telling everyone you know about CycleFish...the bigger the site gets, the better chance we have of getting the advertisers to support our site.  Second, we need business on the site.   Many of the businesses that join CycleFish immediately realize what a great community this is, and that our users - thier customers - spend lots of time here, and the smart business realize the benefits of supporting the site with business account upgrades, and advertising.  So be sure to tell anyone and everyone with a motorcycle related business about CycleFish.  And finally you can help support the site by purchasing the CycleFish logo'd products and account upgrades available.  We don't make a large profit off anything we sell to our users, but every little bit helps.

    For those business members reading this, we will be sending out a separate Business Newsletter in the next couple of days outlining the ways you can support our community while getting some great advertising at a very reasonable cost.


    As always, we want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the CycleFish community. Remember, this is your website, not ours (we just maintain it for you). Those who are active in the CycleFish community, sharing photos, adding content, and making friends, have already realized the benefits of being a part of a community sharing the same and riding. So if you haven't stopped by in a while, you need to check back in and see what's been going on.  And don't forget to tell everyone you know about CycleFish, so that our community can continue to grow.





    Lucky & Laura (HDBeech)


    Your CycleFish Ride Leaders


  • UltraGator
    UltraGator Hello, Lucky N Laura
    Nice club you have here!
    Keep on keeping on!
    September 2, 2010
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    UltraGator Posted on Twitter and Facebook!
    September 2, 2010
    CHIEFWHITEEAGLE1 You're All doing a GREAT JOB!!! I Enjoy the CYCLEFISH Site!!! GOD BLESS!!!
    Chief White Eagle
    September 2, 2010
  • chipmaker1966
    chipmaker1966 As always, love the site! Found a little leather shop here locally that has the best prices I've ever seen for biker wear, trunk bags, boots, gloves, etc. Will be trying to get him to check Cyclefish out and advertise. He's where I'm going when I get t...  more
    September 5, 2010