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Hometown roads Germany

  • Well it's time to introduce myself really. I ride, I'm totally wrapped up in this scene. I've worked hard all my life and am still doing so.I really don't think there'll be any change and what does that mean? there's nothing but the open road between me and my maker. Sit back and enjoy. BUT, I've got to warn you... it takes time. There's so much to trips places laws experiences and the such....The most famous gsf1811 saying.."If it makes a great picture Shoot it" and the second best which controls this all is "If I'm not here, then I'm somewhere  esle". If you're sitting in front of your box right now(my local time) you're out riding or at work. me; it's alittle past 1 am so you can see the time difference will do alot to determine how this ride $ex n rock and roll....

    later the gsf1811