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Where did the time go?

  • Fall is in the air a bit early this year it feels like in SF bay,we are still dealing with quite a bit of smoke from the fires to the north.Been riding locally myself mainly as I am limited by time constraints caring for another.Still enjoying the ride and wondering where the time went,my grandson turned 11 and bam it snuck up on me this summer turning the big 60 myself.Recalling all these rides and good people I met in my travels n a few foul ones too,yet all in all never regret spending time in the saddle enjoying all the miles with a smile,even when things were not going great.More than anything I just am left to ponder where did the time go? haha Life has a funny habit of sneaking up on folks.

    Stay safe & enjoy the ride


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  • Jimmyacorn Good post. I know exactly what you mean. I'll be 71 in a few months and the time has just whizzed on by. Yes and sometimes life does get in the way but I'm still in the wind after all these years. Stay true brother