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40th Annual Meeting of the Minds

  • September 26 - 29, 2024

    What Is this?
    Why Should I Attend?

    Forty years ago, a handful of bikers met in St. Louis, Missouri, for one reason: Unity.

    That meeting was called “the Meeting of the Minds” and it is still about unity. Today the Meeting of the Minds conference is also about training, tools, and freedom. It is about using unity, training, and tools to protect the future of motorcycling.

    The Meeting of the Minds is about tools to maximize the training. If you work on your motorcycle, you have more than two tools in your toolbox. The Meeting of the Minds is about giving you more tools.

    The Meeting of the Minds is about meeting motorcyclists who love motorcycles as much as you do. It is about thought-provoking presentations. It is about sixteen well-focused workshops that add direction and more tools to your toolbox. The Meeting of the Minds is about showing motorcyclists how to transform talk into positive action against our adversaries.

    Attending the Meeting of the Minds is just as important to protecting your motorcycle and your rights as it was to building unity at that first “meeting of the minds.”

    The journey to protect motorcycling has transcended the single-issue one-lane road of mandatory helmet laws and moved onto a thoroughfare full of switchbacks, potholes, and unguarded intersections. Outlawing sports bikes was the first pothole we hit, and it was filled quickly by the actions orchestrated by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and stopping the enabling legislation.

    Autonomous vehicles killing motorcyclists, ethanol-15 killing motorcycle engines, end-of-life directives limiting how long motorcycles can legally be worked on by licensed shops and outlawing the internal combustion engine entirely are the switchbacks and potholes in the road we travel today. Those issues will not go away on their own.

    Unity in the common ground of protecting the future of motorcycling. Unity, training, and using the tools to keep the adversaries of motorcycling at bay is what the Meeting of the Minds is all about. The Meeting of the Minds is about enhancing and protecting freedom!

    Your attendance at the Meeting of the Minds is important.
    Take action now to attend the 40th Annual Meeting of the Minds conference, September 26-29, rest easier and make your reservations now!


    SEPTEMBER 4, 2024.


    Pre-Register: MRF
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                          Members: $100 | Non-Members: $120

    Registration Includes: All Workshops, All Workshop Materials and Saturday Banquet

    Pre-Order T-Shirts cutoff date is September 4, 2024


    St. Louis - Airport
    9801 Natural Bridge Rd
    St. Louis, MO 63134

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