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End Of Roadshow Trail Oregon

  • The “Roadshow” is the Motorcycle Riders Foundation's (MRF) unofficial nickname for the time we spend visiting States from the first of the year through our arrival in Washington D.C. for Bikers Inside the Beltway. Getting out into the States and meeting with bikers is a critical part of what MRF Board Members do. Listening to presentations and having one-on-one conversations helps the MRF shape our agenda.

    MRF board members have traveled to 27 states to speak and present at SMRO events. This total is a new record, surpassing the 23 states we hit last year! We are honored to receive invitations to so many events and do our best to attend all of them. With Bikers Inside the Beltway coming up in just a few days, the end of the Roadshow Trail has followed the pioneers and arrived in Oregon.

    The MRF joined ABATE of Oregon, Bike Pac of Oregon and the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) at the Oregon State Capital in Salem. This very rainy day marked a Fallen Brother Ceremony and received a May is Motorcycle Safety Month proclamation from the Oregon Governor’s Office.  The attendees also heard brief legislative updates presented by each group.  MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard commented on the long and effective history the MRF has enjoyed with ABATE of Oregon and Bike Pac of Oregon, including their role in protecting our freedom of the road and our lifestyle at the federal level.

    While we have a few more events to attend this year, our focus now turns to Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, MRF members will climb Capitol Hill and advocate for our legislative agenda. Our conversations in our nation’s capital are informed and shaped by what we have learned and discussed during our Roadshow. While this year’s Roadshow has reached its unofficial ending, we are already planning the 2025 version. If you would like a representative of the MRF to visit an event in your State, let us know!

    Thank you for the hospitality you have shown us, and let’s continue to fight on!

    As always Ride Safe and Ride Free!!!

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