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MRF Roadshow Stops: ABATE of Pennsylvania

  • Bikers in the Keystone State have held their Leadership & Legislative Seminar for 38 years. It is an event with a long and successful history. This year, their panel discussion was moderated by ABATE of PA Legislative officer Ken Edwards. On the panel were Tom Jones (98th District Rep), Dallas Kephart (73rd District Rep), Eric Mershimer (Coordinator ABATE of PA), Zach Farmer (AMA) and Eric Bugaile (Lobbyist Archer Public Affairs). Rounding out the seven (7) person panel were the MRF's Traci Beaurivage and MRF Board Member Andy Kelly. The speakers for the banquet on Saturday were Representative Tom Jones and the MRF's Traci Beaurivage, who challenged everyone to "be unstoppable" in growing our movement.

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