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MRF Roadshow Stops: ABATE of Illinois

  • The MRF Roadshow pulled into Springfield Illinois this past weekend. The ABATE of Illinois Seminar was held during a cold snap, with high temperatures barely reaching 10° by midday. Despite the frigid temperatures, the event was well attended. The pictures above show presentations by Rod Taylor and Bob "Mouse" Ellinger. Rod Taylor is with the law firm Christopher & Taylor and he is the ABATE Legal Services provider in Illinois. ABATE of Illinois State Coordinator Bob "Mouse" Ellinger is also pictured presenting the "Rich Neb Award", ABATE of Illinois' highest honor for outstanding contributions to motorcycling. The 2024 recipient of the "Rich Neb Award" is Wayne Cornick. MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard is also seen above, presenting ABATE of Illinois' contributions to the efforts of the MRF.

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