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Six Advocates Step Up

  • Six long-time motorcyclist rights advocates and Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) members were recently selected as members of the ”Community of Practice” groups, updating federal motorcycle safety guidelines. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation would like to thank these six bikers for volunteering their time on this project:

    Ron Braaksma – Iowa

    Vince Consiglio- Michigan

    Jay Jackson – Indiana

    Gary Klinker – Wisconsin

    Ed Schetter – Ohio

    Imre Szauter – New Hampshire

    The primary focus of their work will be updating three documents: The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety (NAMS), Model National Standards for Entry-Level Motorcycle Rider Training (Content Standards), and Model National Administrative Standards for State Motorcycle Rider Training Programs (Administrative Standards).

    Between January and September 2024, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will hold monthly meetings with diverse stakeholders to update and modernize these key motorcycle policy documents.  All motorcyclists are extremely fortunate that these six individuals will be able to share their extensive knowledge, experience and passion on issues that matter to all bikers.

    We know that some state motorcyclist rights groups also have participants in the “Community of Practice” project and we applaud their involvement. Without a doubt, the work of these NHTSA-sponsored groups will be better because of their involvement.

    We look forward to hearing more about their work in 2024!

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