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2024 Federal Legislative Agenda

  • The MRF’s Legislative Committee held a legislative strategy session at the 2023 Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s (MRF) 39th annual Meeting of the Minds Conference held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the session was to establish and prioritize the MRF’s 2024 Federal Legislative Agenda.

    Legislative issues fall into one of three categories, high, medium and monitor. This list remains fluid and can be adapted depending on the issue and political environment.

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    Autonomous Vehicles:
    Advocate and monitor any legislation or regulations related to motorcycles concerning connected and autonomous vehicles (AV):

    • Endorse rulemaking to set new standards specific to seeing, detecting, and properly reacting to motorcycles.
    • Ensure motorcycles are part of all testing and development procedures.
    • Promote that any AV public user advisory committees should include a representative from the motorcycle community and a motorcycle manufacturer.
    • Require a public, easily accessible, and searchable database where consumers can look up important safety information such as the limitations and capabilities of different products offered by AV manufacturers or service providers.
    • Require that all AV manufacturers must submit safety evaluation reports to detail and make public how their vehicles identify motorcycles among other road users. Manufacturers must also include human error analysis in safety reports.
    • Require that all AV manufacturers must publicly report crash data share incidents between AVs
    • and motorcycles just as they would incidents between AVs and other road users.
    • Protect the safety of motorcyclists with any rules or standards as it relates to electronic and cybersecurity systems including the clarification of rights of data ownership of any recorded data in the context of connected and autonomous vehicles.
    • Inclusion of motorcyclists’ perspectives in discussions regarding the Intelligent Transportation
    • System (ITS).
    • Work to ensure motorcycles are a separate classification of vehicle and road user for purposes of regulation and testing of AVs.
    • Protect the set aside radio spectrums necessary for DSRC vehicle to vehicle communications.
    • Protect additional spectrum as needed for Vehicle to Everything technology (V2X).


    Crash Avoidance:
    Continue to promote the theme of crash avoidance versus safer crashing urging NHTSA and the DOT to focus on crash prevention and support rider education by providing funding and other resources.

    Data Recording:
    Pursue legislative language that any collected or available vehicle data is the property of the consumer and in which the consumer has the choice of whether to opt-in to having their personal data communicated to interested parties.

    Definition of a Motorcycle:
    Educate policymakers and advocate for change to the current definition that better reflects the current two and three-wheel motorcycle landscape. Collaborate with appropriate stakeholders concerning the federal definition of a motorcycle, ensuring that crash and fatality statistics continue to be separate from other classes of vehicles including autocycles, non-motorcycle powered vehicles such as mopeds, scooters, motorized bicycles, and various cabin-based steering wheel type vehicles.

    Emission Regulations:

    • Engage the EPA & Congress on any activity related to motorcycle emission regulations including the RPM ACT, H.R. 3281, S. 2736 or similar legislation.
    • Work against any efforts by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that endangers the future of motorcycling.

    Helmet Laws:
    Oppose any mandatory federal helmet, apparel, or conspicuity requirements. Advocate for limiting funding of any federal government entity with increasing involvement in advocating for a universal helmet law or similar initiatives.

    Internal Combustion Engines:
    Work to ensure the survival of internal combustion engines, including elimination of the California air quality exemption waivers which allows California to enact different standards and threatens combustion engine production.

    Sustain lobbying efforts for the passage of resolutions or legislation that promotes awareness and prohibition of motorcyclists profiling. Seek opportunities including, but not limited to H. Res 366, with language that:

    • Promotes increased public awareness on the issue of profiling of motorcyclists.Encourages collaboration and communication with the motorcycling community and law enforcement to engage in efforts to end profiling of motorcyclists.
    • Urges state law enforcement officials to include statements condemning profiling of motorcyclists in written policies and training materials.
    • Outlaws the practice of profiling of motorcyclists.
    • Oppose any motorcycling, motorcycle, or motorcyclist-based discriminatory legislation or rules proposed by the U.S. Congress or by any governmental agency.

    Renewable Fuels:
    Advocate for targeted changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) including the following actions:

    • Support the universal availability of approved fuel blends, containing no more than 10 percent ethanol by volume.
    • Promote additional research and independent studies concerning the effects of higher blends of renewable fuels on motorcycles.
    • Ensure the availability of separate pumps (i.e., no multi-dispensing) to minimize the risk of damage to motorcycle engines where higher blend of renewable fuel blends is available.
    • Sustain lobbying efforts for the passage of the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2019 (H.R. 1024) or similar legislation which requires information to be provided to the public about the risks associated with the improper use of E15 fuel (or higher) in certain vehicles, engines, and equipment.

    This legislation:

    • Revises current EPA rule to include warning label requirements for fuel pumps that dispense E15.
    • Requires the EPA to create a public education campaign about the risks of unauthorized use of E15, as well as the vehicles, engines and equipment prohibited from using E15.
    • Defines multi-dispensing nozzle and requires an additional warning label on multi-dispensing nozzles to warn consumers of the residual fuel left in gasoline pump hoses from the previous individual dispensing.

    Right to Repair:
    Protect and advocate for “Right to Repair” provisions that allow consumers the ability to repair and modify their own products.

    Vulnerable Roadway User Terminology:
    Monitor and ensure that motorcycles and motorcyclists are a specific and unique category or classification.


    Gang, Club and Other Language:
    Monitor and respond to federal legislative or regulatory activity concerning the usage of the terms gang, club, known associate, associate or any derogatory term when referring to motorcyclists.

    Lane Filtering and/or Lane Splitting:
    Monitor and support federal efforts to study and review the benefits and concerns of lane splitting and lane filtering.

    Surface Transportation Reauthorization (Highway Bill):
    Advocate and pursue legislative efforts related to the next highway bill reauthorization (expiring in 2026). Ensure the following provisions are included:

    • Preserve the Motorcycle Education & Awareness Program Grant Funding.
    • Preserve the ban on federal funding for Motorcycle Only Checkpoints.
    • Preserve the NHTSA Lobbying Ban and expand to other federal agencies.
    • Preserve the Motorcycle Advisory Council (MAC) to advise the FHWA.
    • Preserve motorcycles are not considered single-occupancy vehicles for HOV lane access.
    • Oppose any motorcycling related federal blackmails or federal sanctions.
    • Monitor for any action that would negatively impact motorcycles, motorcycling, and motorcyclists.
    • Advocate the integration of an updated federal definition of a motorcycle.
    • Advocate a mandate that autonomous vehicles must detect and respond to motorcycles.
    • Advocate for expanding opportunities to address motorcyclist profiling.
    • Ensure motorcycles are not banned from federally funded roads.
    •  All high priority issues and emerging technologies

    Encourage fair treatment of motorcyclists in any change to federal taxes related to transportation. Vehicle miles traveled and other tax proposals must account for the different impact motorcycles have on infrastructure.


    Distracted Driving:
    Work to discourage any/all forms of distracted driving.

    EV Incentives:
    Seek fair tax rebate and or credits for the purchase of electric motorcycles similar to those offered for electric automobiles.

    Exhaust Systems:
    Monitor and vigorously oppose any federal standard proposing stamping and certifying of motorcycle exhaust systems.

    International Partnerships:
    Continue participation in motorcycle-related activity in the European Union, United Nations, and Canada informing the membership of key developments.

    National Studies:
    Continue monitoring any national studies concerning motorcycles (i.e., Federal Crash Causation Study or MSF Naturalistic Study).

    Monitor private and public organizations that oppose the legislative agenda or mission of the MRF.

    Sound Testing:

    • Monitor any SAE Motorcycle Roadside Sound Testing (addressed by individual states).
    • Monitor any action by the EPA Office of Noise Abatement

    Monitor any tariffs on imported motorcycles, parts, or apparel.


    • Monitor fair tolling concepts on federally funded roadways and projects supported by federal bonds.
    • Monitor any congestion tolling concerning motorcyclists by federal, state, or local governmental agencies.

    In order to remain vigilant until all aspects are complete, some references to legislation or resources could appear not to be timely.

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