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Call for John “Farmer” Eggers Award Nominations

  • Acting on a suggestion made in 1993, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Board of Directors created the John “Farmer” Eggers Award.  This award, the MRF’s most prized recognition, is given in the memory of the late motorcyclists’ rights activist John “Farmer” Eggers.  It is presented during the Annual MRF Meeting of the Minds Conference.

    The John “Farmer” Eggers Award is given to an individual who works behind the scenes on behalf of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in the manner that “Farmer” did, and who has shown extraordinary dedication to the MRF.

    The only people who are not eligible for this award are current and past MRF Board members since “Farmer” never served on the MRF Board of Directors.  This does not exclude MRF State Representatives, MRF Assistant State Representatives, Assistants to the MRF Board of Directors, leaders of state motorcyclists’ rights organizations, or deserving individuals.

    Past recipients of the John “Farmer” Eggers Award are:
    Marc Falsetti of Indiana (1994), Ms. Lee Ryan of Ohio (1995), Sherman Packard of New Hampshire (1996), Tom Greenbank of Maryland (1997), “Maggot” Mike Williams of Colorado (1998), Ed Youngblood of the American Motorcyclist Association (1999), Joe “Puddy” Lloyd of Missouri (2000), Steve Rector of Iowa (2001), Craig Ashbaugh of Illinois (2002), “Still Ray” Fitzgerald of Arizona (2003), “Buzz” Ude of Ohio (2004), “Radio Bob” LeTourneau (2005), Boyd McFail of Alaska (2006), John Bolin of Washington (2007), Deb Craig of Colorado (2008), Michael “Fiz” Przybylo of Michigan (2009), “Chopper” Charlie Gilmore of Iowa (2010), Denny Lange of Illinois (2011), Bruce Downs of Colorado (2012), Ric “Doc” Jones of Illinois (2013), Marlene Bautch of Wisconsin (2014), Dick “Slider” Gilmore of Iowa (2015), Helen Wesson of Arkansas (2016), Tom “Jinx” Rahn of Michigan (2017), Jiggs Cressy of South Dakota (2018), Lane Triplett of Idaho (2019), and Mark Winslow of Iowa (2020), Soldiers for Jesus MC (2021), Ron Braaksma of Iowa (2022).

    Nominations must be submitted in writing clearly explaining the individual’s contributions to the MRF via e-mail at, attention MRF President Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, for Farmer Award Committee consideration no later than August 01, 2023.

    Note from the Farmer Award Committee: each year we receive several nominations for individuals who have made major contributions to the State Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization or another worthy motorcycle organization or motorcycle club, however we remind you to please keep in mind this award is for individuals who work behind the scenes in extraordinary dedication on behalf of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation just as John “Farmer” Eggers did, thank you.

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