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MRF 2023 Road Show Continues...

  • On January 27th, MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard, Executive Director Mark Buckner, and Assistant Executive Director Ryan Hubbard traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to join MRF Rep's Representative Andy Kelly and Past Treasurer Frank Carbone in representing MRF at the 37th Annual ABATE of Pennsylvania Leadership and Legislative Seminar. Attendance was strong as motorcyclists from Maryland, New Jersey, and New York joined many members of ABATE of Pennsylvania for the weekend.



    On Friday evening, Hardtail and Ryan joined AMA representative Tiffany Cipoletti, ABATE of PA's State Coordinator Eric Mershimer, Legislative Coordinator Ken Edwards, OSAL Director Bob LeGore, two legislators, an attorney, and a retired schoolteacher on a televised panel to discuss issues related to motorcycling. After the panel, fun was had at a fundraiser for ABATE of PA's BikePAC.

    Saturday brought a variety of breakout sessions covering job duties and responsibilities for officers in the ABATE of PA organization. During one of the afternoon sessions, Andy and Ryan presented MRF's 2022 accomplishments and 2023 goals. As happens at every conference, many valuable conversations were held in the hallways between the sessions also. The seminar wrapped up on Saturday evening with an awards banquet and a rousing, motivational speech by Hardtail. 

    MRF thanks ABATE of Pennsylvania for the invitation and opportunity to participate in their L&L and looks forward to attending additional SMRO events around the country.


    January 31st, found Rocky Fox in Kansas representing the MRF at Bikers Under The Dome, with ABATE of Kansas


    February 1st was Minnesota's Bikerday at the Capitol. Continue to follow along as the Road Show moves around the country, hope to see you at your next event.


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