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No Vote... Deadline Passes

  • Late Thursday night, Congress failed to pass a new Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act by the required deadline of September 30th. This piece of legislation, known sometimes as the highway bill, or simply the infrastructure bill, provides funding for numerous road building and safety programs.

    With the deadline looming, and the House of Representatives divided, no formal vote was taken. As a result, at least temporarily, many federal transportation programs must be suspended until either an extension of the current law is enacted, or a new piece of legislation is passed.

    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has been focused on the highway bill for several years. The legislation provides an important opportunity to shape federal transportation policy and ensure motorcyclists are not forgotten by lawmakers in Washington, D.C.  The MRF remains vigilant in advocating for the priorities of bikers and will alert you as things change in our nation’s capital.

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