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What’s the price of Freedom


    What’s the price tag you’d put on freedom? Your motorcycle?  Your rights?  Your lifestyle?

    What’s the price tag you’d put on motorcycling?  Outlaw certain models?  It’s been tried.

    What’s the price tag you’d put on riding anywhere you choose?  Days of the week?  Certain hours of the day?  There are public roads in the United States where motorcycles are banned. 

    What’s the price tag you’d put on association? No identifying club colors?  Police departments everywhere are profiling club members and non-club members daily.

    What the price tag you’d put on a driverless vehicle in the lane next to you or on the road heading toward you?  Your life or the life of someone you love?  They’re being tested today. 

    What’s the price tag you’d put on getting advance warning at the gas pump that Ethanol-15 could wreak havoc on your motorcycle’s engine? The fuel is out there with no warnings at the pump.

    Would you invest a weekend of your time to strengthen your knowledge on how to protect your motorcycle, your rights, and your lifestyle?  That’s what the Meeting of the Minds is all about.  Since when is one weekend of your time not worth the price to help protect a lifetime of riding? 

    Not once, but for nearly 40 years, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation has stood against the tide of anti-motorcycling laws and regulations.  Keeping anti-motorcycling legislation at bay is what the Meeting of the Minds is all about.

    The September 10 cut-off date is rapidly approaching, for hotel reservations call JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead @ 404-262-3344 and mention MRF.  For Meeting of the Minds registration, use this link: Meeting of the Minds 2021

    Registration includes up-to-date presentations on what’s going on with motorcycle related legislation, 15 workshops, all workshop materials, and Saturday banquet. Registration questions call the MRF at 202-546-0983, or email Fred Harrell at

    A weekend in Georgia could be just the ticket to protect the freedoms motorcycling represents – that’s what the Meeting of the Minds and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation are all about.

    Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you in Atlanta at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference!!!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Fredric Harrell
    Director, Conferences & Events

    Motorcycle Riders Foundation

    P.S.  One more question… Do you know that the European Union is considering an “End-of-Life” study of motorcycles?  Think it couldn’t happen in the U.S.?  Think again…  California’s “Cash for Clunkers” is just another name to call it.  Is a weekend in Atlanta still too much to pay to help protect your rights, your motorcycle, and your lifestyle?

    P.P.S. A 2021 Meeting of the Minds t-shirts go fast. To guarantee you’ll get your size, reserve your shirt now.

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