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Proposed Transportation Bill Amendment Fails

  • Late Monday night, three Congressional champions for motorcyclists’ rights asked Congress to add language to a massive spending bill that would help protect motorcyclists from profiling by law enforcement. The amendment to a Department of Transportation funding bill would have prohibited federal funds being used to “Encourage States to adopt legislation, regulations, policies, directives or guidance to profile motorcycle riders, nor shall such funds be used by States to implement any activity with the primary intent of profiling motorcycle riders.”

    The amendment failed, as the House Parliamentarian ruled it “not in order,” citing a prohibition on policies proposals like this being attached to funding bills. Of the nearly 700 amendments submitted, almost 400 other amendments were handed the same fate. Frustratingly, the Rules Committee members were not even allowed to vote on these provisions.

    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is disappointed that a commonsense concept like the one offered today was blocked by an unelected bureaucrat.  Nevertheless, we will remain vigilant in our fight against the profiling of bikers. We thank Representative Tim Walberg (Michigan), Representative Michael Burgess (Texas) and Representative Troy Balderson (Ohio) for drafting the amendment and seeking ways to combat the profiling of bikers in the country.

    Additionally, the MRF would like to thank the other members of the House Rules Committee who expressed support for the amendment including Rep. Cole (Oklahoma), Rep. Reschenthaler (Pennsylvania) and Rep. Fischbach (Minnesota).

    All bikers should thank their fellow riders from Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas who lobbied members of the committee to pass this amendment. Rest assured that the MRF will continue to fight in the halls of Congress until lawmakers act on this important issue.

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