• Background:

    Motorcyclists believe that automated driving technology in other vehicles could yield substantial safety benefits for riders by helping to eliminate “human error” which, on average, causes over 90% of the crashes each year. However, motorcycles must be considered in any regulatory activity that governs automated driving systems. In 2018 the House and Senate had two different bills addressing this new vehicle technology. The House bill H.R. 3388 (SELF DRIVE ACT) passed the House but failed to be considered in the Senate, while the Senate version S. 1885 (AV START ACT) was not voted on. While both bills aimed to regulate automated driving systems, only the Senate had language specific to motorcyclists. In the bill, an automaker was required to submit a Safety Evaluation Report prior to the vehicle being released on the market. In that report, the automaker must attest that the vehicle can identify and respond to motorcycles. Further, these reports can be made available to the public upon request, providing all road users with information that can make them safer.

    MRF Position:

    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation maintains that federal authorities must require robust testing of manufacturers of automated driving systems, guaranteeing they have accounted for motorcycle recognition and responsiveness. Any new legislation by this Congress, in either the House or the Senate, should specifically ensure that motorcycles are considered in the bill language. The MRF continues to meet with House Energy and Commerce Committee staff as well as Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee staff to ensure motorcycles are considered in any legislation surrounding this new technology.


    Demonstrate your office is fully committed to the safety of motorcyclists by reaching out to committee staff and asking them to ensure motorcycles are mentioned by name in any legislation surrounding automated driving systems. Any automated vehicle on the road should be required to identify and respond to motorcyclists.

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