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E15 Labeling Comments Submitted to EPA


    Comments Submitted to EPA

    Monday was the official deadline for the public to submit comments on potential changes to the E15 labels on fuel dispensers. As you may remember, in January the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed rules that would eliminate or dramatically change the required label at fuel pumps warning consumers about the impact E15 may have on their engines.

    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation took this opportunity to submit comments both jointly, with other stakeholders, and independently to push back on the proposed rule changes. We feel it is important to both work with like-minded organizations on this issue and go on the record independently with our thoughts.

    To view the joint letter, click here.

    To view the MRF solo letter, click here.

    Thank You Heartland STEAM

    Last month ABATE Wisconsin hosted the 31st Annual Heartland STEAM Conference in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Riders from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin gathered to share information about how state motorcycle rights organizations are tackling issues facing the motorcycle community. Heartland STEAM also serves as an important annual fundraising event for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

    The weekend was a great opportunity for riders from different states to share their personal experiences working on motorcyclist issues at the state level. Topics included effective grassroots lobbying strategies, principles of leadership and public relations in a changing world.  However, as well all know, more was learned after hours in the hospitality suite as riders shared their personal experiences, strengthening and building personal relationship, rider to rider.  

    Thank you to ABATE of Wisconsin and all the riders that attended!

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