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Meeting of the Minds 2020


    The “Where” and “When” are relatively easy, all you have to do is use this link and register at Meeting of the Minds 2020Hotel registration: 317 767-4769 the Meeting of the Minds is in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 24-27, 2020.

    The Meeting of the Minds is a whirlwind of 36 years and 36 cities of a bikers’ rights advocacy tour of the United States that had its beginnings in campgrounds at Perry, Kansas, and somewhere in South Georgia on the way to Bike Week in Daytona, Florida. A handful of dedicated individuals grew a miss-matched congregation of freedom fighters and rights advocates into a well-orchestrated and internationally recognized organization called the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

    Where & when?

    Indianapolis, Indiana, September 24-27, 2020

    • It’s 8 meals – that’s right folks – it’s 8 meals included with your event registration!!
    • It’s 15 workshops!
    • It’s a host of keynotes speakers bringing up-to-the-minute information from Washington, D.C.!
    • It’s more useful information than you can haul home in two saddlebags!!!
    • It’s brothers and sisters knowing about freedom and wanting more information on how to protect their rights, their motorcycles, and their lifestyles!
    • Now’s the time to use this link and register at Meeting of the Minds 2020.


    Where & when?

    Waterfront Hotel Conference Center

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Room Reservations:  317-767-4769

    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has never forgotten where we came from or why we were founded– to advocate & protect the rights of all motorcyclists. The 2020 Meeting of the Minds Conference provides you with the tools to protect the freedoms you enjoy! See you in Indianapolis!!!  

    Now’s the time to use this link and register at Meeting of the Minds 2020

    Room Reservations:  317-767-4769.