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Former Motorcycle Riders Foundation Vice President of Governmen

  • Former Motorcycle Riders Foundation Vice President of Government Relations, Tom Wyld, passes away.


    Thomas Wyld, retired U.S. Navy Commander, 71, passed away after a long battle with cancer.

    Following his distinguished Navy career he became the Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the National Rifle Association, after which he joined the Motorcycle Riders Foundation as Vice President of Government Relations in our Washington D.C. Offices. 


    Tom was instrumental in our efforts to protect our right to modify motorcycles when the EPA rolled out their restrictive Tier 2 regulations that became known as the Color and Chrome Campaign. At this same time Tom was responsible for commissioning and overseeing the famed Vaughn Study. The MRF’s most significant legislative accomplishment concerning rider education was achieved during Wyld’s tenure. The Murkowski Amendment to the federal highway bill, which provides for financial incentives to state motorcycle safety programs, continues to this day, thanks to Tom’s efforts.


    In discussing Tom's contributions with MRF Board Members who worked with him it was felt he brought a genuine technical acumen and professional congeniality to his position. He also coined our oft used tag line "Ride with the Leaders"

    Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

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