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The can it get any better than this tour..

  • This is a recovery tale. It took place in Aug of this year.  No animals were harmed during this event.  


    The can it get any better than this tour.

    Aka: Chov’s and Grove’s most excellent adventure


    (this format will not take the pics. The pics make the story)

    The journey to Queens Ny begins in a hollow far, far away. Wolf hollow where the deer and turkey roam, and the wolves howl some during the day. Aug 17th the year of our creator 2010 when G and tribe say good bye to the in-laws and begins the packing of his steel pony, Warrior. Packed in a bag from one of G’s buddies from the camp ITR’s, TJ also known as The Professor, G loads up all the essentials for the adventure out of the Hollow, checking it twice, strapping down and getting ready for the mornings first leg of the ride that will take him far from the safety of family and home. Fearlessly he readies his mount. With the task complete G settles in with this sweetie and niece Abbie, a horse and wolf trainer from way back. Abbie a 11 year young force of nature plans the nights activites as evening falls. A good dinner, time spent listening to stories from the magic box time pass quick. G and Mrs G decide to leave Abbie to her next story and retire to the den for some rest. Night passes even more quickly and G soon finds the dawn rising as the wolves sing to great the day and say good-bye to G and the pony. But something is amiss. G can’t seem to get out the door. Time passes, trying to be quite as not to awakenen the force of nature and Mrs. G. What is missing? Meditations posted, pony packed, coffee made, hum, then it comes. The email saying that DD has passed.

    “DD passed on this morning. As I learn more about the arrangements I will let you all know. Please continue to hold up his family in the time of need”


    With this news G knows why he could not get out the door. After a talk to Creator, tobacco for his warrior brother, G dedicates his trip and talk to this Warrior Of Spirit.

    The map is laid out: 403 mi 6 hours 38 mins From Wolf Hollow to meet the first of many ITR friends G has never met but come to know and respect.


    G stops below to put on the bucket and snap the first of many pics, continues to meditate on Creator, DD and our walk in this life.



    The pony is solid and smooth. Stops are made, sights are enjoyed, time for some coffee and a butt break.


    The ride is great. G makes St. Charles Mo in good time and calls Jeff (a sponsee of Andy). Jeff rolls up on his steel pony, a fine looking black pony. Jeff and G exchange hugs and roll out to Jeff’s to unload a bit. After a bit they rolled out to meet Andy for some St Louie ribs.

    Andy rolls up on his black pony and the three walk in for a great rib joint dinner and fellowship. Great conversation is exchanged. It is the first time these three have laid eyes on one another but seems like they have known each other for years and are just catching up.



    The boys think that the blonde is a bit taken aback when taking the picture for them, hence the fuzz. Jeff and G head out to a meeting. Andy has an early morning with work and heads to his stable, as the pony’s roar toward the Church for a meeting. The meeting is a great one and many hugs exchanged. Jeff and G roll to the stable and put the pony’s up for the night. Jeff lives in the historic part of St Charles down along the water. Brick streets, old shops, clubs are alive with a bustle of activity. The clubs are jumpin, pony’s line the road. They find a shop open and head in for some desert and coffee.. Jeff heads to the boys room and G slides ½ of his brownie over on Jeff’s and downs his. The coffee is great. The Brownie is covered in ice cream and fudge. It is great as well but way too much for the G man. They return to the stable and share some music and stories of the road. G fades out.

    At 4 his eyes pop open, “hum just laid down at 12 or 1, what the heck” G gets up and quietly packs out and mounts the pony for an early ride. He is grateful for his new friends and the time spent. The dawn slowly creeps in the darkness of the road. Off the sides are fields filled with corn, tasseled and tall, green and gold highlights are magnified by the coming sun. On the right is a sweeping field of corn banked hills running in different directions banked toward the road. Corn is tall; mist lightly covers small areas of this hidden field. An old barn is build on the side of one of the small hills to give the impression that the corn is high enough to reach the loft door. It is a picture G will not soon forget and one G wishes he had taken. Truly a God moment in time. The sun rises over Indy. G is in no hurry and stops at Cracker Barrel for some grub. Dinner (Southern Lunch) down G gives Chov a call and gets some final directions then mounts up.



    In a short time G is knocking on the Chov’s door and delivering the newspaper found on the walk. A towering figure of a fellow, kind eyes, welcoming voice, another ITR member who G has come to know and respect, but had never met in person. Hugs, Coffee and conversation are exchanged. The lovely redhead Leah arrives home, more hugs are exchanged and the redhead starts up supper (Southern dinner). Chov fixes some burgers to go with the great veggies and fruit.



    Stuffed the boy’s saddle up and head to the Church for another meeting. A candle light meeting where other ITR members are sitting. It is another great meeting. G gets to hug other ITR members. Finally Free Motorcycle Club, FFMC, and ITR members are present. More hugs and a decision to go to the pizza joint made. The ponies roar down the streets of Columbus Oh. Chovy and G pass on the meal but dig into the fellowship. Then the meetings in the parking lot before goodbyes are said and hugs exchanged. What a picture for the unknown folks walking the streets, full grown men in leather hugging in the parking lot… Yes God has a sense of humor. Arriving back at Chov’s the couches are made, and the red head arrives home from work. More conversation and fading out occurs somewhere in the night.


    The Chov and Grove show hits the road, roaring out to met Lude and Butterball. The 3 ponies roar North. After a good cool early morning run they arrive at Gary’s. More hugs from folks G had never met and a good stretch the crew of 4 ponies head east. The landscape is truly a work of Creator. We ride into the NE PA region and the Poconos reach out their hand to welcome us. To see this country in this manner is to know there is a God, and he is good.



    The pack arrives in Dubois Pa. late morning. Mick is waiting. The pack follows him into a beautiful area and up to Mick’s cabin. Hugs are exchanged, backs stretched. Mick fires up the grill and everyone pitches in and makes the deck a place of fine dining.



    Mick is an impeccable host, the surroundings serene, the fellowship second to none. After some good coffee, fellowship and rest Lude, Butterball and Gary have to ride to the campout in PA. But not before some strong hugs and solid new friendships built.


    Ponyies are mounted



    Mick, Chov and Grove settle in and take a well needed nap. A couple hours later we jump in the tuck and head to town to grab some “man” meal material. Steaks, shrimp, tators and salad stuff. Dinner is a community effort and fun is had by all. After dinner the kids come out to play.



    G is rolling on the floor laughing his ass off bout now..

    Mick throws on a DVD…. Eric Clapton, “The First Crossroads”… turns it up and the boys settle in, full bellies, blues and lost in the mountains.

    Half way through the DVD, Mick rises up and says “Does It Get Any Better Than This?” A soul just has to wonder. Coming from where we come from and being where we are in this moment, I just don’t know but if it does I hope to share it with these guys.

    The morning comes quick and early. Chov and Grove say their goodbyes and share a hug with the Mickster.


    Look out NYC here we come!



    We leave early make good time and get within about a mile of the GW bridge into NY and bam…. 6 lanes of traffic stop. Stopped it is for 3 hours. G’s bike about 2 hours into it won’t start back. Too hot on an air cooled motor. By now this country boy is about to come unhinged. G looks at Chov and Chov say’s “It will be ok” G says, “If you say so then it will buddy” The irritation subsides. G has an epiphany, for a fundraiser for the FFMC bobble head Chovy’s need to be made with the inscription “It will be Ok” on the bottom. PZZAR. (Listen to Chovys talk for that one. You better pee first) oh yeah grab some tissue also.

    3 hours and 5 miles later we are moving…. THANK YOU CREATOR… We arrive just in time for lunch… Greeted by Edwin and other ITR members we grab some water and lunch and continue to meet people we have come to know but never met. Pics are taken, hugs exchanged… G marvels at this miracle of recovery. He also reflects on the message he received concerning DD and his passing. “We will be sweating Friday evening and doing some type of memorial here Saturday after the funeral services.” He wishes he could be in two places at once. G also remembers his first sponsor Freddie H. who only a couple of months earlier had died in NY driving truck. He remembers the gentle giant of a man and the first 5th step he did with Freddie, and how at a meeting they heard a newcomer share and look at each other at the same time. Knowing. They say nothing to each other and grab this guy after the meeting and haul his ass home and sit on him for a week, never leaving him by himself for any length of time. How that newcomer some years later gave them both a hug. It was that kind of relationship. As G looked out at all the addicts he asked for another moment of silence. Then he asked all to remember these two Great Spiritual Warriors and their Family, and for Creators blessing on their Journey. G doesn’t remember what came next. Just all the hugs, and hearing his sister Amy share here ESH. After a short break his brother from another mother got up to share his ESH. Chov had G laughing one minute and crying the next. G had not cried in years. Wado brother.

    Members from ITR made up the speakers and though we got their late we were able to buy the CD set so we would not miss them. Many more ITR members came out in support and we were honored by their love, and fellowship. More pics…


    Queens Dinosaur speaker jam speakers, with our impeccable host and hostess Edwin and Raven.




    ITR fellowship. What a freakin blessing and treat!






    The ITR family.



    The time was great, the time was short, and the time was well spent. It was time to saddle up





    We exit through Manhattan and see the sites. Cross all the glitz and glamour. We get a last minute update on directions from a cabbie. Hit the highway and zoom to Wilkes-Barre, PA


    133 miles 2hours 41min the last 1hour + was in a down pour. A little cold and damp we call NA Purist for a pick up. He rides out and we follow him home. Where we are greeted by the lovely NAVixon and a hot dinner at 2ish in the am… Exchange hugs with more family G had never met but come to know. Get a good night’s sleep and awake to breakfast fit for kings. We wait out the rain and share fellowship and stories. Noon time comes and it’s time to hit the road. Our goodbyes said a last pic


    The Chov and Grove show hits the road suited up for rain just in case. We hit hwy 80 down the road and un-ass our rain gear. Ride a bit and get a down pour. We decide to suck it up and ride. We are out of it and almost dry when we see a big one coming… Pull off and suite up one more time. After some time we stop for gas and a stretch and feel we can shed the rain gear. Clear sailing from then on to Oh.


    About 10ish we are getting sleepy and pull over for a stretch and coffee.. We had a great rest and rode on into the night. Got to the Chovs and stretched out. G did his best to stay awake but Red made a store run and G faded into the night. Up early and off before getting to hug the lovely Leah’s neck and thank her for the fine vittles and roof. It was time to ride solo again. Big hugs for the big man and G was in the wind. Back to St Charles just in time for a meeting with Jeff and Andy where another of Andy’s sponsees was picking up 6 years. Another great meeting then on to Jeff’s crib and back to riverfront for some grub. Pizza with the Pizza Zar in mind. Another great evening with ITR folks and fading into the night.

    Up early Jeff and I grabbed breakfast and took a couple of last pics..


    Goodbyes said hugs given and received mounted up and in the wind. G took his time and reflected on what Creator had given him, his friend Pete, and good friend to DD, DD and Freddie. Along the way G got a message from Pete sharing the ceremony and what he had experienced during the Friday and Saturday of DD’s memorial. The tears rolled and gratitude swelled as he knew DD had made his way to the other side in a good way and his family was at peace. G took the long way home down the back roads of 82 in Ok with winding roads, shaded valleys, cool waters and not many people. Full of Gratitude for the ITR folks for following their vision, Creator for making it so and the members that came, became a part of and shared themselves and recovery so that this addict could live one more dream in recovery. Wado my brothers and sister.

    Lone Wolf G



    Many thanks to Mrs. G, and Terry D. for editing

    Terry D. for picture editing

    Big thanks to the ITR staff for their vision and service. Without which this would not have been possible. (ITR - In The Rooms - Recovery site)

    The Western Queens Area


    Edwin and Raven for all their hard work putting this deal together. All those behind the scene that made it work.


    The FFMC, and our gracious host all along the way.


    Creator for the gift of recovery.


    Lude for some of the pictures.




    Wolf Hollow Print