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The "Sideways Angel"

  • I dunno why a sideways pillow on my bed this mornin' touched me so...Maybe because I'm just that anul?  That pillow was purchased at a flea market from an antique's dealer for $20 bucks.  It's brocade, authentic, and beautiful.     

    I make my bed, (Like Martha Stewart)  the minute I get out of it.  I can't stand an un-made bed....Control freak, much?  

    NO.  I just can't deal with CHAOS.  Never could abide it.  

    Much like my life, in the last 7 years.  Couldn't hardly stand it.  The loose end's,  The NOISE, the lies, the CHAOS.

    God has BLESSED me with SO many things in the last seven years, and this site...was one of them.  At a time, when I couldn't make sense of my own life...

    Livin' through and with Ya'll, was a saving grace.

    God stepped in, and stepped UP, where I couldn't.  And no matter what anyone else thinks?  I gotta believe, this site, and my friends here, are                                     some of  what saved ME, and my son's life.  I had Ya'll to make sense of the senseless.  I had Ya'll holding me up,

    when all I wanted was that TREE, I picked out in Lake Wales, FL.  To ride INTO.

    I may not own a bike (still).  It's been so long.  IF, it be God's WILL, I may yet again.

    But, I'll ALWAYS be a BIKER.  

    And I'll always be PROUD to have been a CYCLEFISH BIKER. 

    THANK YOU!!! <3






  • RexTheRoadDog
    RexTheRoadDog Atta Girl Tweek
    September 19, 2015
  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz You are very welcome!!! LOL I hope that all is going well. Never give up, you are going to ride again.Stay focused and the stuff will fall into place,don't bother trying to force it,we all know how that ends up !

    This site has made me some good memories...  more
    September 23, 2015
  • Edgewalker54
    Edgewalker54 Well Tweek, every day is a new chance... Every day is given to us and it's up to us what we do with it. Being happy, treating the people around us with kindness and love and living life in His way (close as we can) is what feels right to me.
    Do you know...  more
    September 28, 2015