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Kind of a "let down"...this 4th of July

  •  Started out well enough.  God woke me up at 4 this mornin', to have me read and share something.  K.  Did that.

    Went to ministry, and it was a low attendence day, because our street friends, (most) got their checks on the 1st, and go get Motel rooms, til the money runs out. Can't blame them really.  Just makes the street ministry a ministry to the volunteer's.  Which is all good, cause we all need more of God.  All of us.

    Invited some folks over to watch the fireworks, tonite, (less than two blocks away)  But, everyone seems to have other  *(better)

    My son ended up being sick today, so he's not a happy camper, and will miss out, on any "doin's with his friends.  (Grrrrrrrr) top a wonderfully disappointing day off?  You guessed it.  RAIN.  THUNDER.  LIGHTNING.  Ya know...the kind they make you evacuate the beach for???

    I bought stuff to cook out before the fire-works, and some adult beverage's...the whole shebang.  Which on my budget ain't easy....

    So, I just wanna say right now...I HOPE YA'LL are having an AWESOME FOURTH!  That the weather, is good, and your friends come to help you celebrate!!!  I pray, whatever you do, God's Angels are riding with you, and that you get back home tonite, SAFE and SOUND.

    Hey...just cause my day sucks out loud, don't mean I want yours to.  On the CONTRARY.  I wantchu to PARTY for ME.  Hoist a cold one, eat some awesome summer food, and love one another to pieces.  K???

    The BEST gift of FREEDOM I have, is knowing my friends, and family, live, and enjoy INDEPENDENCE DAY, like I do.  RAIN or SHINE.  

    I'm fixin' to go marinate my steak, make my salad, cut my watermelon, and throw the charcoal on.  And yes, even enjoy a beer while I do.  And If God so ordains, maybe the weather will clear up just long enough tonite, to see the AWESOME display, that makes ME PROUD, TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!  USA USA USA


    Ride Free





  • Edgewalker54
    Edgewalker54 Thanks for your words Lady Tweek. We could have used some of 'your' rain up here in the parched northwest. It has rained less than 1.25 inches since April. Unusual for our area and of course folks couldn't help themselves, the sounds of fireworks went on...  more
    July 5, 2015
  • blurplebuzz
    blurplebuzz Hope you ended up seeing some fireworks. I watched them on TV w/my Mom she really enjoyed it.Besides the neighborhood was like being in a war zone LOL she wasn't going to bed early!!!
    I wish I could have lifted a few back yet my plans fell thru, and I...  more
    July 8, 2015
  • Tweek
    Tweek Psst. The weather did clear, and the fireworks ROCKED!!! Thank you, Jesus! <3

    Thanks you guys for the kind words. I always know where to come to find them...
    Not-so-much on other site's. Sheesh. LOVES MY CYCLEFISH'S!!! <3

    For...  more
    July 17, 2015