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Look forward to this every year!!!

  •'s finally here.  Daytona Bike Week, 2013.  I look forward to this every year, even if I don't still have another bike.  Came close, & will come closer again, before it's over with.  There's somethin' in the wind.  But, lest I rock that boat, I ain't talkin' 'bout it right now...

     I will lament, not be able to ride in this year, as a LOT of my friends are, for the first time in a long time.  Scads of 'em, and most are at Rose Bay.  THE campground, if you do that sorta thing.  10 min ride to Main Street, from there.  Close enough, so  if it's cold, or otherwise "inclement", you got a straight shot, back to the barn.  I've been invited to crash there, if the need be, and that just may have to happen.  I miss my friends.  I miss the "life",

    I miss...that one hot guy, who asked me out last year...   I hear he's still single.

    If you get the chance to go, you really should.  It's the rally to end all rallies.   Of course, now-a-days, there's a LOT more eye-candy for the guys, and that don't bother me, none.  I just wish they'd take a freakin' hint, and offer us "ladies" a lil "candy" of our OWN.  Sheesh...we have money, too!!!   Not only that, but we're still the fastest growin' demographic out there.  Smart money is on the women.  And there's a lot of  "guys" gotta clear expenditures with the ole' lady, anyways.  SO...


    Hey...whatever happens, I won't be bringin' back just a t-shirt.  Pics to follow...

    RIde Free  



  • Edgewalker54
    Edgewalker54 Enjoy the 'sights', the bikes and your Freedom! Hope ya have a blast Lady...
    Let us know, post funny & incriminating photos... heheheh...
    March 9, 2013
  • LCStrat
    LCStrat I won't make it this year...but maybe next year :-)
    March 9, 2013