Hey...THIS IS ME, K?

  • It won't work.  None of it.  Not unless YOU, believe it!

    I just gotta say this.  So many of my friends, out there, are down-trodden, depressed, feeling hopeless...DAMN!

    All I can tell you is this:  YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE, Dammit!!!  Look around you.  NO.  I mean, REALLY LOOK!  Cause, baby girl, or boy (and don't get stupid about the venacular, please)  Just LOOK!  That guy, on the corner, holding a "I will work for food" sign...he means it.  Sure, he may spend $3 bucks on a six-pack while he's at it, BUT, he means it!!!  

    That girl, sashayin' her way down the road...

    Do ya think she REALLY wants to peddle her ass?  C'mon...

    Have ANY of you, ever been in a place, where ya found yerself doin' or sayin' somethin' you NEVER thought you would???

    I'm not sittin' in judgement of you.  Hell, I AM one of you.  I've caught myself, blowin' off the same people, K?

    Until the day, I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

    And the only thing, separating me, from them?  Are some very LOVING, UNDERSTANDING, PATIENT, GOD FEARING...People.


    I'll only ask one thing of any of you.

    The next time you pass someone on the street.  And you "feel" your heart bein' tugged....

    GO WITH THAT.  And give 'em a little sumpin-sumpin...



    Ride Free  







  • Edgewalker54
    Edgewalker54 Hi Lady Tweek!
    I see folks on the corner, hangin by the store, waylaying folks going into the restaurant, hoping for spare change. I've done that and been there. So when I see 'em now... IF I feel that 'tug', I'll flip 'em a buck or three. I always watch...  more
    March 6, 2013
  • Tweek
    Tweek Well said Markyd! I am in total agreement. No one loves us like our Daddy.
    March 8, 2013
  • LCStrat
    LCStrat Amen! And we all see it around us. Thanks for the motivation.
    March 9, 2013