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It's a cryin' SHAME!

  • Just got done readin' Geezer's post about his lady friend.  About bein' hit and left by two guys in trucks who were "racing".  About bein' laid up in the hospital, with severe injuries.  And these two f**ks are walkin' around free???  What the hell is wrong with people?  I'll never, ever understand the mentality of someone who could cause such devastation, and then just walk the BLEEP away.  Like nothin' happened.  Like, since "they" made it out alive, that's all that matters...

    Well, I gotta tell ya, those two prolly better start checkin' their sixes.  Cause, I know a S**tload of bikers, who will be lookin' for 'em.  And they'll be on their knees to Jesus, when that happens.  Bikers, ain't real forgiving in this kinda thing.  And can you blame them???  I can't.  Even with my belief system.  Not, sayin' they should be 86'd, or anything, but they do need to pay the piper.  One way or the other.  Let's hope for them, that the first  Biker's who find 'em, have a LOT of compassion.  Or at least the good sense to know when a beat down has gone far enough...


    I'm prayin' for Geezer's friend.  And for every other Biker out there.  May God be with you, when you ride.  Just sayin'...


    Ride Free



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  • Edgewalker54
    Edgewalker54 Omg... another rider down, one of our own and the perps are still out there... No Lady, there is no excuse except "I'm still free." I doubt that their parents raised them to run when they cause pain & grief. They just left, hoping to save their worthless...  more
    August 25, 2012
  • sonja
    sonja Back in April a cager turned left in front of me and took my right of way. I went down and ended up in the ER my daughter (Thank God) only skinned her knee. I knew where that idiot lived but that was not enough-Police said because our vehicles did not...  more
    August 25, 2012 - 1 likes this
  • michaelehline
    michaelehline I got sideswiped last week and dropped my bike. Lucky I was wearing riding gear. Lucky I am a lawyer or there is no way I could have settled the case so fast. One of my clients who rides with me was not so lucky and the police found him at fault. Always...  more
    June 13, 2016