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RexTheRoadDog's Album: Friends of the Forgotten POW-MIA Ride for Freedom

Here is a small sample of the photos I took Sunday June 6, 2010. D-Day plus 66 years. The first of 21 annual Rides was held back in 1990 (I was there too and at every one since) the Friends of the Forgotten Ride for Freedom. The purpose of which is to bring to public awareness the POW-MIA issue. This years ride was well attended in spite of the hot and humid weather with threats of thunder storms all day. It went from Norristown Junior HS and meandered through the area ending at Valley Forge Park. We sweated but did not get rained on. As always it was a moving and emotional day. Especially the Flag presentation to the Gold Star Mothers. Good job Marines. There wasn't a dry eye in the park.
Keep it up Friends of the Forgotten.