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Ulioona's Album: Bikers Count National United RALLY / RUN Our ANNUAL Nationwide Ride for all on 2 or 3 wheels- in HONOR of the NH 7 and ALL who have been hospitalized , lost a limb or were killed by reckless car drivers. We are STANDING UP and RIDING VISIBLY to get attention, raise awareness to this insanity. wE WANT : harsh punishments, drastic fines, loss of DL privileges for 1 yr to LIFE, automatic “at fault” when hitting a bike, Drivers Ed mandatory in schools, with Motorcycle education , as well as additional 39 questions regarding motorcycle safety on DL tests and more. Because: Bikers Count! We are 105MILLION strong Nationwide- that’s 105MILLION votes... with over 90Thousand collisions caused by cars ,hospitalizations, loss of limbs and over 10Thousand deaths per year due to reckless car drivers. MAKE THEM SE US! Get your group together, pls a very public ride 30+miles on busy roads, post the route on the Bikers Count page on Facebook for others to join in, share far and wide, inform TVstations, Radiostations and newspapers in your area , have a designated shutterbug for photos to post on the page and let’s MAKE THIS EPIC ! Bikers Count Nationwide United The'Bikers Count- Do You see Me Now' Run Honor the Fallen Run May 17th,2020 KSU 11am Nationwide . UNITED. Uli Fesseler von Stargard President 305.507.7022 © 2020 BIKERS COUNT © 2020 105 Million Strong, 105 Million Votes strong, Nationwide on 2 and 3 wheels 95 Thousand collisions,hospitalizations,amputations caused by cars annually 10 Thousand deaths caused by cars annually We want: *Driver License training to include Motorcycle/Bicycle Safety *Driver License Tests to include 25 questions about Motorcycle/Bicycle Safety in traffic *Mandatory Volunteer Drivers Ed in Schools *Drastic increases in Fines for hitting a motorcycle *Automatic 'AT FAULT' status for hitting a motorcycle/bicycle ( like rear-ending) *Depending on severity, "ATTEMPTED MURDER" CHARGES, immediate Revoking of DL for a year to life, *drastic fines for cutting into Motorcycle/bicycle groups, cutting off, *rear-ending or purposely/recklessly running over a bike "Kommandant" President 305.507.7022 © 2020 It's coming! The 'Bikers Count - Do You see Me Now' Run. May 17th,2020 - start planning group runs. STAND UP with us, be ACTIVE, Be a LEADER - LEAD A GROUP! Plan a 30+mile ride on a busy road for your area and state, to BE SEEN by as many as possible. Wear a black shirt with a crooked cross (you can order or DIY, ask for stencil, video on youtube on Bikers Count,FB) This is a Nationwide, Worldwide event. Lets get out there in large groups and numbers and be SEEN full force. Share this event far and wide, tell everyone you know, engage. Post State,County&Town/group on FB "Bikers Count Nationwide United", so we can keep track of how many states and groups are doing runs and are active. Post your route (mapquest is a great tool ,ask,we'll help!), enable others in your area can see and join in. Post as many pictures of your group and your run as possible Do short videos (if you dare) of people saying " BIKERS COUNT" of your ride, preps,bikes,group and send them to "Bikers Count Nationwide United" on Facebook Inform your local TV stations, Radio stations, Last year, on our very first run, 11 states and 3 countries did runs with us. AWESOME!! This is a MOVEMENT - be part of it BIKERS COUNT 105 Million Strong, 105 Million Votes strong, Nationwide on 2 and 3 wheels 95 Thousand collisions,hospitalizations, amputations caused by cars annually 10 Thousand deaths caused by cars annually Bikers Count Nationwide United The 'Bikers Count- Do You see Me Now' Run "Honor the Fallen" Run May 17th,2020 meet/assemble 11am, KSU 1pm Nationwide . UNITED.