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What would be the best bike to ride for a Girl?

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    August 31, 2016 10:37 AM PDT

    My wife just started riding her own.  At 5'2" or 3", she had challenges from right off the starting line.  H-D offered a free class so she went there.  The street 500 they had her on was too big for her.  She could just reach the ground tippy toed and even the brake and clutch were almost beyond her reach.  End result, she had an accident and has to redo the class.  Last week we went window shopping.  She "tried on" several bikes for fit.  Results were surprising to say the least.  Last weekend, we found "HER" bike.  A 2005 Yamaha 650 Classic.  The next day I rode it to the MSF range for her and put her thru some drills.   By the end of the day (3-4 hrs), she knew her max lean angles cause sha had scraped both floorboards.  She still has some work to do but she will be attending that MSF class again very soon.



    UPDATE:  She did the MSF class this week and has her certificate to get her "M" endorsement.

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