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We call smokes fags mate..Kinda awkward in mixed company or in a biker bar asking a bloke if you can bum a fag,,,LOL

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I knew some one did just could not remember. The first time I read it a female friend from an online game my ex-wife and I played said it and we kinda stopped and looked at each other for a min and asked her what "Fags" ment lol it was funny as all get out.


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  Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...
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Not very often mate..Ya can get a ticket for riding roo's on the foot path...

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The three things I know about Australia:

1. My best girl Marni lives there!
2. My pink-camouflage t-shirt wearing man, Boof, lives there!
3.. My SCARF lives there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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