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New job !!!!!

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WooHoo !!!!!Interviewed for a Surgical Nurse position at our local hospital last Tuesday and received a very nice offer this morning !!!        Will be driving 2 1/2 miles rather than the 21 miles I driving now. For those of you familiar with our wonderful central valley tule fog, this is a big deal !!  Great position that will allow me to get back into some ortho work that I really enjoy !!!! 


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Congrats BC I am happy for you.. and yeah, commuting in the fog SUCKS!!!



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Right On !!! Congrats on the new job !!! I am very familiar w/tule fog it bites big time!!! Used to hate riding home in it coming back from sno-skiing talk abt a major PIA !!
2 miles much better than 21 !!!


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Good for you Brother......AWESOME!!!  
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SUPER!! Happy for you ........ just down the road to work is awesome!!

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Great News Rob! I know what it's like working close to home and it's great. Glad you are headed to a specialty you want to be in. Me, I perfer to ER. I know, I'm NUTS.... Congrats


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Awesome Man!  So happy for you! This rocks...

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(Sorry about the fauz paus earlier.  I had someone else in mind when I wrote "girl" on this.  Please to forgive?)

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Great News - Best of luck to you brother!!!


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Super cool BC.......Happy for Ya



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Congrats and the best of luck with the new job. There's nothing like that feeling of getting a job you want.



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That's great Rob! Nice to have a drive to work that only takes one song on the radio.



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So many out of work; it's great to know when someone gets a job. Good deal all the way around.



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