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NC marker lights

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i have a 72 sportster, the turn signals work, you have to hold the button down when you release they stop. my question is the front turn signals (side markers ) dont stay on like they do on my newer bike. Is it a electrical prob or are the old bikes just that way?

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From what I can see from the old wiring diagrams they do not have marker lights to them, They are just turn signals. But then again I am old and can't see the micro print of wiring diagrams very well anymore.

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thanks, i figured they didn't but just wanted to be sure . Some times the laws can be funny about haveing lights and them not working right..

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check with your state to see what the laws are. I have a 1969 XLCH bobber and I dont have to even have to have turn signals but do have to use hand signals

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Alabama is "No Turn Sigs Required"


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Pirate13, my guess would be that if they both operate the same way (right and lift), then it was designed to work that way. And I "believe" (and don't hold me to this) that in North Carolina, if the bike was manufactured/sold with signal lights, then they're required to be on the bike and in operational condition. Best advice is to check with an Indy in your area who does inspections just to be on the safe side.

Just an edit to my above post. I really didn't notice a date on the statutes listed in the website I'm going to link, and personally, I'd still check with an Indy to make sure, but it appears that directional/signal lights are not required in North Carolina.


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We actually have the basic state motorcycle laws listed right here on CycleFish...

State Motorcycle Laws

North Carolina Motorcycle Laws

We do our best to keep them updated.



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thanks Lucky I just keeping finding all kinds go good stuff here

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thanks to all, but let me clarify a little. the signal lights work fine and i am not thinking of removeing them. But my question is more about the side marker lights. my 1984 has blinkers also but the front stay on like marker lights and blink when i use turn signals. So i was wondering if my 72 had to have the front blinkers stay on as side marker lights or did that idea come along later? I know some states say if you have them they must work but is it the same on older bikes. Did they come from the factory with front marker lights that stay on or are they supposed to be just blinkers?

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Check your factory manual - it should have wiring diagrams in it - If ya don't have the manual you should get one - best 50 bucks you'll spend on yer bike.
Also a lot of libarys have shop manuals in there tech sections - ya might want to check there also.
I don't think the 72's had the side marker kights as do the later ones - but it would be a simple matter to wire them up _ IF _ you had the manual.

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Really easy. If you have two wires coming from the lights, They are just turn signals.
If there are 3 wires then there are marker lights. From what I saw on the diagrams there are only two wires.

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